IPHONE 7 SAYS “See you on 7th”

The most awaited date is finally out. Apple has sent out invitations for the launch event of Iphone7. The event is taking place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7. Apple is said to have often include hidden messages in its invitations and this time it has come out with a picture in which the company’s logo is shown with a bunch of translucent colored dots and also it comprises of a tagline “See you on 7th”.This arcane picture has triggered many rumors such as the company is planning to release colored handsets or the camera of the latest version is going to be upgraded.

The most persistent rumor is that latest model is getting rid of headphone socket which would urge the user to use an adapter, lightning cable or get Bluetooth headphones.The brand new iPhone will get a dual-lens camera that will be able to snap SLR-quality photos and 3D images.Also, some people are not sure if apple is releasing a waterproof phone. Some tittle-tattle also says that apple is going to remove its home button in the next upcoming model while some say that it would be programmed to do specific tasks with respect to the amount of pressure applied. It is also expected to have fast charging technology which would promise you several hours of battery with few minutes of charging.Also, it is rumored that it is going to release blue colored handsets of iphone7.so all these rumors are going to end on September 7th with apple releasing its brand new iPhone7.

Author: Elyuxen

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