Interview with Student entrepreneur Pratham Kaudap || Founder of Tech Amaush

Interview with Tech Amaush founder : Pratham Kaudap – A student of an engineering college based in Hyderabad had come up with a startup named – “Tech Amaush” along with his friends a few months back. He also happens to be the coordinator for a NASA event that was organized in Hyderabad which was held on 22nd, 23rd of April 2017.
An excerpt from the brief interaction with him is given below.

Q: I’d like to start by asking, what is your startup all about?
A: “Our startup (Tech Amaush) is based on advanced technology which is not available at present in India. Many other countries are way ahead of us in terms of technology and usage whereas we are still in the era of feeling proud about our smartphones. It is our Indians who are hired by those nations for designing and implementing. But the irony is that we lack the basics of it. We would like to put it on the plate for the Indian people and bring it to the market.”

Q: What has consisted in that domain of market and who are your targeted audience?
A: “Basically, Tech Amaush is developing a scrollable laptop which is portable. The screen can be scrolled and made like a bottle which is lighter and much easier to carry around. As for the keyboard and mouse, we will be using laser projected mouse and keyboard. This is readily available in the Indian Market but not used to a great extent. We’d make use of that as it will be a new thing for the population. Also, we have aimed at making it available to all, that means everyone is our targeted audience.”

Q: Who are your partners in this initiative and when have you all come together and taken a step forward?
A: “We are 4 in total.

Tech Amaush team
2 founders – Myself(Pratham) and Pratyusha.
2 co-founders – Gautham and another.
It all started between Dec 2016 & Jan 2017. We have come together and are striving to make our dream come true.”

Q: Who would term as your supporting pillars? Also, have there been any situations where you’ve got to deal with people who appreciate you and some who envy your hard work?
A: “Parents & Faculty. We still have a strong support from both, our parents and our college management. There was initial heat to make them realize our dreams and our clarity, state of mind but later they understood our perseverance and stood by our side since then.
On the other hand, there were many who felt proud that their friends(us) were on the path different from theirs, they even encouraged and motivated us to make our dreams(to be successful entrepreneurs) come true whereas some envied us really bad and it showed on their faces. But to taste success, you got to taste even hatred and opposition too. It’s not that they made us think twice about our decision, but in fact, they made us all the stronger.”

Q: What engineered you all for working towards that idea?
A: “The idea had basically emerged from our struggles in daily life. After a lot of brainstorming, we had come across the concept of scrollable tv’s used in some developed nations. This made us toy with the idea of experimenting the same concept for laptops which were basically heavy to carry.”

Q: Everything you’ve said so far is so out of the box. Where do you acquire all that inspiration and creativity from?
A: “Well, I would credit that to my own life. The environment I live in and all my life experiences are my greatest inspirations of all time.”

Q: What is your Vision & Mission?
A: “Our vision happens to be to stand out from the crowd and have recognition. As of our Mission is to bring advanced technology into the Indian market and make it readily available for all.”

Q: That’s a pretty good one. But if I ask you, where do you see your company 15 years down the lane?
A: “Well, Umm.. 15 years down the lane, I’d like to work with the same enthusiasm and zeal. Even if I were on a vacation, I want my startup to run exactly the same way it did on Day 1.”

Q: We’ve discussed so much. Now it makes me curious to know your team members academic backgrounds?
A: “We all happen to be of the same age but in different academic years.
I(Pratham) am pursuing my Engineering prefinal year in Computer Sciences.
Pratyusha happens to be in her final year in Computer Science as well.
Gautham, ah yes! He needs to be praised. He is pursuing his Mechanical degree 2nd year, but he is our ‘Tech guy’. Though he is a totally no – technical field, he is more of a ‘techie types – hacker, coder and what not’. I must say he’s our tech implementor.”

Q: Well, it’s not easy to take risks and head in a different direction. When everyone is preparing to get their degrees into their hands and work 9 to 5 under someone. How did you come this far?
A: “Taking risks is always worth it. Initially, we had opposition from our respective parents. They were uncertain about our decision, they wanted us to work in established places with fixed timings but turns out we were pretty good enough in convincing them.”

Q: That was the one side of the card. On the other side, how have you been supported academically by your college? For permissions and off’s?
A: “Our college management was always very supportive. In fact, they were pretty happy that we were growing. Our respective HOD’s & our college management was proud of our decision and had permitted. We’ve gotta keep up and make them all really proud of our achievements.”

Q: The products you develop need to be financed right? How did you manage to get finances for yours?
A: “We didn’t have investors initially. We have asked for the investment from self(our respective families) for more focus. We wanted to be more serious about our project, so we started without our money and then later we found some investors.”

Q: It’s pretty hard to balance work and academics, isn’t it?
A: “Yes. At times it is too hectic to bare and hard to cope up with. But we do perform well in academics. We’ve got to do justice to all our works, it is a minimum on our part. Like when we have our exams, we make sure we score well and at the same time work on our projects. If things get too serious and slip out of hand, we try to choose the best priority of the both.”

Q: For relief what do you do to keep yourself calm and composed. What are your deep interests and how do you spend your leisures?
A: “Music. It is all that keeps me calm and composed. Be it attending concerts or listening to music or even singing, music does all its magic on me to keep me grounded at all times.”

Q: So, what are your greatest achievements so far?
A: “I wouldn’t term it as an achievement but yes, I’m on my way to achieving my dream. I was in a dilemma what to do after obtaining my degree. I never wanted to work under someone, I always wanted to be on the top. I’m still working to be on the way to success.”

Q: Since you’re into sports, will you continue being a part of the sports community?
A: “Sure. Badminton has always been my love and relief. It will always be in my day to day activities.”

Q: Have you had any turning points in your life so far?
A: “I was a carefree guy who wasn’t studious. But then I looked on to my dad, he had great responsibilities. And then I realized that I had to work harder to make him proud. It wasn’t sudden, but I had seen the tough stages in life when he was still smiling. I wanted to be like him.
We all have got to look at our parents fighting hard for us.”

Q: You’ve achieved so much at such a young age. Do you have any kind of fears or insecurities in specific?
A: “Risks. It’s something that’s obvious as our families and partners are dependent on us, right! We’ve got huge responsibilities which often push us to take careful decisions.”

Q: Your long term and short term goals?
A: “Well, Long term goal happens to be our growth as a company. And short term stuff is the success of the upcoming NASA event. Also plans regarding our products investments and plans to make it bigger.”

Q: Sounds really cool. So.. when is your product launch? (Tech Amaush)
A: “Initially we will be hiring interns.
Then, our app launch will happen soon in October which is useful for engage students. There they can find Virtual labs wherein learn and attend exams can happen with ease. It is targeted for CSE ad CEC student.”

Q: Give an inspiration to all our readers!
A: “Be positive at all times and try to work hard on make your dreams come true. As long as you have passion and zeal, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved.”

(Tech Amaush)


Tech Amaush


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