Krishank Manne Ou Jac, Interview with The Blood and Sweat of TG Movement

Krishank Manne interview, a Student leader from OU Jac. Krishank Manne cantonment.Krishank Manne TG movement.Krishank Manne OuJac. Manne Krishank Ou Jac Apply as student news reporter from your college. Facebook.

Krishank Manne, Very familiar face to Osmania and other students who actively participated in Telangana movement. He is a graduate of Osmania University and presently doing his Ph.D. Krishank Manne is presently very active in Politics and our team met him to talk about Youth in politics, the Lost ticket of Cantonment, Caste in politics, Krishank Manne education life and his aims and objectives.

Q.How did your political career start? Who is your inspiration?
Krishank Manne: It all started with Telangana Movement. The urge of wanting to achieve Telangana Statehood, not just for an emotion but with a vision of development and participatory democracy in all corners made my path into student politics first and then the mainstream politics. Every story which explained me about the atrocities against a region, the injustice was done in employment, water, resources, literature, culture, food and even mockery of language inspired me to step forward and hold the Telangana Flag strong and loud.

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Q.Does a politician have to be educated to contest as an MLA or an MP? What are your Educational qualifications?
Krishank Manne:It is good to have a politician who understands the grievances of people and addresses a solution, people here does not mean only a limited sect or caste or area, an educated politician has a widespread of understanding, issues and responsibilities and the best of education is a boon to deliver, provided one has ethics and values as a priority too. I have done my schooling from St.Patrick’s Secunderabad and My Intermediate from Loyola Academy Alwal, I’m a Graduate in Law, Masters in Journalism, both from Osmania University. I’m also UGC NET Holder.

Right now I’m pursuing my research as a Ph.D. scholar in Department of Mass Communications, OU.I have never tried to dig or get stuck into the reason.I rather moved on to strengthen my foundation of ideology, principles, understand and involve in grassroots mainstream politics. The reasons were and are important for those politicians who see me a threat in politics, While they are involved in searching for reasons to pull me down, I’m busy growing bigger by the day with experience in dealing with people and politics, which I’m loving to explore.
Q.You actively participated in every Telangana movement. But none of the political parties gave you the MLA seat? What would be the reason for that?
Krishank Manne: It was just not about the MLA seat. There were many parties which were offering an MLA ticket, but I didn’t linger around any political offices. Post-Telangana formation, I only approached the Congress to participate in National Politics to represent the oppressed, marginalized and youth. Though I almost made it close in getting a ticket, there were much stronger lobbies in taking back my MLA ticket.

Krishank Manne interview, a Student leader from OU Jac. Krishank Manne cantonment.Krishank Manne TG movement.Krishank Manne OuJac. Manne Krishank Ou Jac
Q.It is Congress who announced and declared Separate Telangana state but the credit went to TRS and CM KCR. What went wrong with Congress in Telangana?
Krishank Manne OuJac: Credits for any work can be possible only when a mixture of publicity and propaganda is perfectly practiced. KCR did it, so he won. He portrayed himself larger than size, made himself a demi-god, hyped his role in ‘T’ Movement which is possible to a single man or family run the regional party, not a National party like Congress which has highest internal democracy and many leaders which divide the credits.

Q.Rahul Gandhi is failing to attract youth and being trolls each and every time he goes to any college or university. Do you think he is still a right candidate for the Prime Minister post?
Krishank Manne OuJac: The few interactions I could have with Mr.Rahul Gandhi made me observe his patience to listen, his understanding towards issues, down to earth behavior and his hospitality. More than looking like a strict, no smile Prime Minister, he looked more like an elder brother. We cannot ask him to change or become a rigid, cunning politician to become a Prime Minister. The trolls or abuse is an extensive campaign well orchestrated by the agencies of RSS-BJP who are on a mission to counter and hound RG with a magnifying glass, but I’m sure none can hide the heart of RG. Late Indira ji, Late Rajiv ji was also criticised and forecasted to be a failure, but we all still speak of their services to the nation. About the Prime Minister, that will be decided by the Congress Parliamentarians , but Yes he is a right leader who can lead us from front, who can speak of love, speak of secularism, speak of inclusive growth, unlike Prime Minister Modi who has encouraged communalism, who works only for his Party or Financiers benefits or One-Upmanship attitude.

Krishank Manne interview, a Student leader from OuJac. Krishank Manne cantonment.Krishank Manne TG movement.Krishank Manne OuJac. Manne Krishank OuJac
Q.What are student organizations doing in our state? They get into lime light only to organize bandhs and boycotts. Is there any need for student organizations?
Krishank Manne OuJac: Of course there is a need. You cannot expect Government or Management to heed the issues of students. It is the student organizations which take up the issues, provided they must be focussed to have student autonomy and dialogue centric.
Q.What is stopping youth to enter into politics? Corruption or Family politics?
Krishank Manne OuJac: Politics today is a costly affair and yes it is still difficult for commoners to make it big in politics. But to free it from the clutches of few, Youth should still put their efforts, nothing wrong with it. It is difficult but still possible.
Q.Congress party lost their charisma in Andhra Pradesh and other states as well. Can they regain everything?
Krishank Manne OuJac: Congress will continue to stand for the people even if in Government or Opposition. In the process of fighting for people’s rights, it is still possible to regain. History has seen how Congress written-off but it still formed Governments both in several States and Centre.

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Q.Politicians ask for votes before elections but never ask suggestions from voters after elections. Are politicians one sided?
Krishank Manne: I do not know about other Politicians but I definitely take suggestions even though I’m not in power. It helps us to filter what is right or wrong and what has to be implemented. I will make sure that the same precedence is continued even if I win an election.
Q.How can youth enter into politics and succeed? Does any regional party or national party allot seats to individuals without any political background?
Krishank Manne OuJac: There is only one go and that is Struggle and have a principled foundation of ideology, there are no shortcuts. It is very difficult to sustain but things are changing. For instance, Congress has internal elections of NSUI, Youth Congress which encourages opportunity to individuals who don’t have a background
Q.What problems/difficulties/challenges do you think the country is facing?What do you propose to do about them?
Krishank Manne OuJac: System runs with Money. Every institution is running in and around finances. It is highly difficult to stop it from outside. It is important to be in power and then lead as an example. Corruption is the cause of poverty, unemployment, manipulative politics, lack of development, I want to tackle or else it will be difficult for me and many youngsters to be a part of politics.

Krishank Manne interview, a Student leader from OU Jac. Krishank Manne cantonment.Krishank Manne TG movement.Krishank Manne OuJac. Manne Krishank Ou Jac
Q.What qualification is required to get an MLA seat from a national or a regional party?
Krishank Manne: Loyalty, Education, Ideology, Sincerity, and Courage is what I feel. But the fact is Caste, Clan and Cash can also do it.
Q.Pm.Narendra Modi is gaining supporters from every corner.His Social media handlings and following proves that. Do you think Rahul Krishank Manne: Gandhi will be the right choice for Congress to compete against Pm Modi?
There is a lot of aggression and abuse in Social Media, which is not good for the nation. Modi ji, his handles and many associates of theirs on social media leave no opportunity to make politics out of everything. That can’t sustain for long. Rahul Gandhi as a team Congress is fighting the ideology of RSS, mindsets of BJP and I’m sure he is the right choice to unveil the Fake Mask of Modi.

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Q.Who do you think will win Nandyala elections? And Why?

Krishank Manne: Though TDP has failed in achieving the aspirations of people of Andhra, and too many double tongues stand by CBN, the unwanted noise by Roja or some YSRCP leaders will actually help TDP win Nandyal. CBN is an old player of this school and Jagan Mohan Reddy should use the best of his maturity to defeat an experienced politician.
Q.Are Telangana and Andhra Pradesh home to caste politics?
Krishank Manne: Unfortunately Yes. Politics, Press and Proprietorship run around Caste.

Krishank Manne interview, a Student leader from OU Jac. Krishank Manne cantonment.Krishank Manne TG movement.Krishank Manne OuJac. Manne Krishank Ou Jac
One message to youth who are trying to enter into politics?
Believe in yourself, Learn as much as you can, self-realization and self-assessment are the key. Politics is a murk in which you find fewer teachers or friends. If u find one, stick on to them till the end, don’t shift sides.

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Krishank Manne interview, a Student leader from OU Jac. Krishank Manne cantonment.Krishank Manne TG movement.Krishank Manne OuJac. Manne Krishank Ou Jac

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