Interview with the most loved faculty of KMIT, Asha Sheldon Maam

KMIT Asha Sheldon Maam Interview. The Elyuxen team met Asha Sheldon Maam in KMIT campus and had a small interview session with her.Faculty interviews. KMIT.

Every student in his/her life will have at least one Favourite teacher in his/her school or college life with whom he/she would like to share everything and attend each and every class. Asha Sheldon Maam is one such teacher in every student life who is teaching as Asst.Prof from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. Asha Sheldon Maam is graduated from VNR VJIET college. Elyuxen team met Asha Sheldon Maam in KMIT campus and had a small interview session with her. Apply as student news reporter from your college Facebook

Q.Student: How do you define good teaching?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: While I agree on many factors that go into teaching, each of us has our own personal conception of good teaching. However, there are elements of good teaching that I suggest one should do to increase the chances that good teaching will occur. If I want to list all the elements of good teaching the list would fill pages, probably a book’s worth so let me discuss few.

  • Good teaching requires planning.
  • Good teachers think through what they want their students to take away from the lessons these teachers teach.
  • The strategies include elements that increase the chance that students will retain what is learned and then be able to transfer or apply.
  • Good teaching should provide the learning experience that will ensure understanding and thinking.

Teaching style should get matched with the learners learning style.

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Q.Student: Describe your teaching philosophy.
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: Firstly I believe in creating a positive learning environment in the class.Each student brings their own historical knowledge and self-learning to class so the students should be taught in a fashion that Addresses their individual learning styles.Finally, I make sure my teaching inspires guides enlightens motivates touches the young lives.

Each student brings their own historical knowledge and self-learning to class

Q.Student: What do you think are the most important attributes of a good instructor ?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: 

  • Passion for teaching
    Confidence while teaching
    Strong rapport with the students
    Love for the subject with effective objectives for lessons.
    Should hold attention of all the students in the class

Q.Student: With the onset of digital India, do you think the digitalization of classrooms would help students benefit ?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: Digitization is promoting higher education also as never before. Nothing is unavoidable and we have the supremacy to form the way we use technologies. The digital revolution is edging its way into the classroom.
Currently, students live in a world that is constantly linked and alive outside the class room, so traditional methods won’t work now. The true revolution in education can only be achieved via digitization of education so that students can learn at their own speed both within and outside the classroom.
As considering some of its demerits, classrooms nowadays have become movie halls with audiovisual content, with no communication between students and teachers.This grouping of traditional training instructions united with digitized learning is one of the ways we can make our future generations to become global contributors who can interconnect across culture, time and geographies.

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Q.Student: How would you define today’s students to be?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: In fact, the technology that has revolutionized communications is a key component of the problem. The Internet and its various offspring have largely replaced books and other traditional sources of information. Sadly, many youngsters live almost entirely in a world revolving around their friends, clothes, pop music, TV, whats up and Facebook.
Generations ago engineering students were utterly active and modest. Nonetheless, over the last few years although strict rule in colleges, student behavior has deteriorated because of particular reasons like both parents working and giving them too much freedom in terms of everything. Unless this issue is solved, our education prospect will suffer from spoiled pupils.
Students are the future of the country. The development of the country mainly depends on students. Today in the time of advancement it is mandatory to educate them well So that they can aid nation with their creative ideas. There could be a clash between students and parents or teachers in the thinking perspective. The of visioning the world could be different. In today’s competitive world elders expectations are very high for their children. They wanted to see their children at the position where they fail to reach. For that, they force them to chose the field which might be of no interest for them. Which leads to the frustration and affects the behavior of the student.

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For that, they force them to chose the field which might be of no interest for them. Which leads to the frustration and affects the behavior of the student. AS every problem has a solution. What all we have to do is handle things gently. Elders are a lot more experienced than students. It’s their duty to look into the matter and deal with students in a compassionate manner.

There must be face to face talks between students and their guardians.So that students could feel more comfortable in discussing any matter without any hesitation and without thinking twice. They do not feel alone, always feel the presence of their parents in a condition.They should be realized that if ever they chose any wrong path, their elders are there to help them, we should look after it correctly so as to take long term benefits from them.

Q.Student: One favorite student in your career and why?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: Very tough question to answer coz I have many favorite students each year passing by not one or two in particular. If you were to motivate students, how would you do that? (for them to be a better individual)
According to me, the best lessons, books, and materials in the world won’t get students excited about learning and willing to work hard if they’re not motivated.
Motivation is a key factor in the success of students at all stages of their education, and I believe teachers can play a pivotal role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their students. Of course, that’s much easier said than done, as all students are motivated differently and it takes time and a lot of effort to learn to get a classroom full of students s enthusiastic about learning, working hard, and pushing themselves to excel.
I make sure to motivate my students by allocating sometime time every sem on discussing various topics apart from regular curriculum like career guidance, skillset improvement, advancement in communications skills, discipline, moral values, ethics, professional behavior etc
TIME is the asset you can transform into the experience. The asset you can transform into skills. The asset you can transform into knowledge. The asset you can transform into unforgettable memories. The asset you have no right to waste. Despite being busy every once in a while, be sure you have it in excess. Use this precious asset wisely.
Take action now in order not to regret about missing chances in the future

I often say
“work hard for 4 years and enjoy rest of the life…but
IF u want to enjoy 4 years u have to struggle rest of the life.”

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Q.You reach the class room and find it empty. How would you react?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: Mass Bunk’ is no doubt an integral part of engineering student’s life so no more comments on this….
I as a Teacher abide by the rules of the management and make sure I wait for 15 mins in the empty classroom looking forward to any students to turn up…if not leave the class

Q.You are the most likable faculty in KMIT. What is your secret mantra?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: Am happy to be the one. And the credit goes to the students to take my TAUNTS positively and understand it’s for their benefit.
I Commit myself to following to improve behavior in the classroom —both because your students will be happier to be part of your class, and because you’ll have more influence over their behavior choices.

  • Being strict
  • Being patient
  • Being friendly
  • Being attentive

Encourage students to share their ideas even if they are wrong.

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Q.Your word on extracurricular activities in KMIT.
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are considered vital components. These activities enable students to gain valuable experiences that would not otherwise be provided by a strictly academic program. Students are encouraged to participate in several clubs, programs, and activities each year at KMIT. Very often we observe that the only place that a hesitant child finds any comfort or enjoyment in college is outside the formal classroom setting.

Along with that, a child may use the activity to develop academic and life skills that translate to their future careers. Many successful adults speak of their out-of-class activities as being the most important experiences in their development.
To bridge the gap at KMIT CCA hours are included as part of timetables. There are various cultural, Sports, professional bodies activities being organized daily along with academics where students get to explore and express their talents.

There have been quite a few changes in the regulations (exam pattern, syllabus) in recent times.

Q.How would you suggest the students cope up with such changes?
A.Asha Sheldon Maam: Many opined that a change in the exam pattern or syllabus and the delay in starting classes due to uncertainty in the implementation of the syllabus had disrupted the academic year’s schedule. This had put the students under tremendous pressure.
Though the new syllabus has given more importance to activity- oriented learning and was aimed at doing good learning system, it appeared that this has not helped to reduce ‘exam fever’ among students.
We have seen major changes in their pattern in the last few years or so and you need to adapt yourself to the changes in order to be able to crack these examinations.
As we are living in the age of technology, there is a buzz among the students to choose their career path in technical industry If you have also made your mind for becoming an engineer, you need to stay updated about the changes in syllabus and pattern
A novel or a book that you would recommend a student to read.

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KMIT Asha Sheldon Maam Interview. The Elyuxen team met Asha Sheldon Maam in KMIT campus and had a small interview session with her.Faculty interviews. KMIT.

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