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Interview with JNTUH University topper: A Girl from one of the finest colleges for Computer science engineering in India , Keshav memorial institute of technology secured a gold medal in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE).She prepared just prior to the exam day but still managed to be one among university topper’s list. She says  “love your work and no one can stop you from achieving your goal.Let’s have a quick Q&A with the Keerthi Garlapati,(EIE) JNTUH University topper from Keshav memorial institute of technology.

1.Congratulations for your outstanding performance! What was your reaction upon knowing that you are university topper?

Thank you very much. Firstly,  I would like to admit that it is really the most HAPPIEST moment in my life. I was so amazed and I couldn’t wait till my dad picked up the call that night when I first knew about this. After telling my parents, they were more excited than what I was. My parents were so proud of me and that made my day.

2.Tell us something about yourself. Which board have you studied under? Which school have you studied in?

I am from Sri Chaitanya Techno School, which changed me into a totally different person. Though I studied there only for my 9th and 10th classes, it taught me many things and helped me get rid of  so called stage fear and inferiority feeling which I used to have till then. I did my intermediate in Sri Chaitanya and this made me land into KMIT through EAMCET.

3.From a best CSE college in town, how you made it to topper’s list in EIE?

I totally agree with you. Our college is really the best for CSE, but still, I need to mention about my department too. Other departments are also equally good and maintained well in many ways. Our faculty took all the pain and pleasure to help each and  everyone of us.

JNTUH University topper
4.What do you think are the key factors behind your stupendous success?

Only thing what I always believe or follow is, love your work and no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

5.Many students prepare for external examinations a day before or overnight, Do you feel overnight preparation can help? and what are your preparation plans?

To be frank, even I belong to that group of people who prepare a day before an exam. But that would help me only because of the running notes we prepare and the classes which we listen. I will always present what I know and what I understand, and it has always worked out for me in all the 4 years. This made me fetch the aggregate which I got now.

6.Who is your ideal or biggest inspiration in life and why?How kmit faculty helped you?

My father is my biggest inspiration and my role model since childhood. When I was young I simply used to say my father is my role model because he was the only hero I knew at that age. But now I know he is really a hero and will be my inspiration forever. He is a dual gold medal from the Osmania University around 20 years ago. He has got various degrees from various well-known colleges and universities. Till date he is still studying and going on increasing his qualifications. Right now he has got 12 qualifications and the 13th  will be done with in a year. So seeing such a personality who doesn’t get inspired?

7.Your views on present education system and also on JNTUH examination system

Because I was supposed to follow the present system, I had to follow everything including the JNTUH system. There are always two sides to a coin. Same way there are many pros and cons in our system. I really appreciate for the regular change and updation of the syllabus. But coming to the part which most* of the students don’t like i.e., JNTUH correction. Many of them have faced so many problems and unexpected results. Hope these corrections become more transparent. By doing this students won’t get discouraged and the system will become effective.

8.What is your attendence percentage ? and Did your ever bunk classes?

Interesting question. Yes, I bunked many classes and attendance was always around 80. That was because 75 was minimum.

9.Does college play any role in student life in engineering ? Also It is tend to believe that south Indian colleges have very poor faculty, what’s your opinion on that?

It is the college which changes or turns anyone in engineering and It depends on how you want to change(good or bad). Friends,faculty,seniors,juniors,classes,labs etc everything will have its role in engineering in one’s life. I can’t generalize and answer to this question. Faculty might be good in few subjects and a bit poor in other subjects. It even depends on their interest to teach. If they really want to teach and contribute their part no one can stop them.

JNTUH University topper
10.How did you keep yourself motivated?

I don’t get demotivated that easily and never took anything seriously nor left anything simply. I am very optimistic in any point of life. In worst cases I always have my friends and parents to speak and discuss whatever I felt like is disturbing me

11.What is your choice Sprectrum or textbooks or class notes? Brief about each.

First thing we don’t have spectrum for Instrumentation subjects. So don’t have much idea about that. Coming to text books, I always prefer text books only. Based on our understanding levels we can prepare from text books. Class notes can always be used as a reference when we don’t know where to start and what to read.

12.What are your future career plans? Present career option ?

Right now I am working at Tata Consultancy Services,Chennai. It being the number one MNC in India, I couldn’t resist myself from joining after knowing that I got selected in it. After gaining sufficient experience I will then decide what to do because I have plans to have my own start up.

13.How are you different from others?

I always like to take up responsibilities. I am not “one among the herd” kind of girl. Assigned any work, I will complete without any delay. I will follow what I feel is right.

14.What message do you want to send to your juniors as JNTUH University topper?

Including studies take everything seriously. Participate in any events which you can. Bunk classes sometimes and have fun. After your engineering, believe me, everything is going to change in all ways! So enjoy when you are in college itself.

15.What are your other interests?

I read a lot of novels. Hanging out with my friends is my all time favorite activity. Spending time with my parents in their free time is what I always wait for.

JNTUH University topper

JNTUH University topper

Keerthi with her batch mates

JNTUH University topper

JNTUH University topper


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