Indian start up,Intelli PAD, designed Exam cheating machine

Exam cheating machine by Intelli PAD: Students want better things in life than they’re qualified for. Think about what these exams are meant for. We need to know how good someone is in math or engineering or whatever, and it’s impractical to interview each person to know how qualified they are for something. This is where standardized tests come in. Educational boards and universities certify that students have achieved some level of excellence in some field. That certification helps people get a job, or get more popular with friends or family. Pay later with Paytm

An Indian technology company today launched a new software in Singapore to prevent cheating and fraud in examinations. Bengaluru-based Mindlogicx Infratec Limited claimed that the software is the first of its kind in the world. Work with us as Student News reporters

Exam cheating machine by Intelli PAD

Exam cheating machine by Intelli PAD releases questions during a specific time, eliminating the threat of leak that often mars examinations, its founder, and chief executive Suresh Elangovan said.The software, conceived in Bengaluru, designed in Silicon Valley and made in China, will be marketed globally from the company’s Singapore office, he said.

Exam cheating machine by Intelli PAD uses biometric and encryption technologies to overcome a global rise in exam malpractice including question paper leakage and candidate impersonation.The software encrypts the question paper on clouds with access only through fingerprint of those appearing in the exams, Elangovan said.The question papers, which are delivered “Just in Time”, appears on the screen for a specified time duration, he said.Facebook

“We see strong demand for Intelli PAD, given that educational institutions are switching to computer-based systems, with Intelli PAD being one of the main tools,” Elangovan said, adding that timing is essential for high-stakes examinations and testing of top-level management executives in corporations.The company, engaged in developing education-related software for more than a decade, is setting up a global technology delivery center in Singapore which will employ about 60 people.

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