IMPACTFEST is most innovative student fest happening in JNTUH

IMPACTFEST is an annual technology and innovative fest happening on January 21st and 22nd at the JNTU Hyderabad campus. With a vision to create an Impact with the ever innovative technology, IMPACT 2017 brings home the very idea of Innovation meeting technology. With an ensemble of the greatest minds of the city and power talks involving innovation, technology and a start-up scope involved in the said domains. IMPACT tends to focus on bringing out a new and different culture for students and individuals altogether.

It focuses on being the DAWN of a new kind of startup and technological culture thats been brewing around lately. IMPACT aims to be a perfect platform for student ideas and tries to nurture that innovative thought process and help them build towards their billion dollar dreams.



IMPACTFEST 2017 includes power talks, innovation-inducing workshops with hands-on experience and competitions (of various tech genres) which aim to bring out whatever an individual has been taught in the workshops. The IMPACT EXPO showcases a wide set of brilliant Expo of the latest technology that the mankind has its hands on.


Initiative : An Initiative is the first step towards a change for betterment in our society. At IMPACTFEST we take the initiative to plant the idea “ADOPT ME” – to adopt our Earth, a move to make it our Child and nurture it back to it’s pristine health and glory. Realizing the common trait of human beings to care for what they own and relate with, we want to spread the idea to adopt our Earth, follow the simple principle of 3 Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) and restore nature . From “Mother Earth” to “Child Earth” – natural phenomenon of an offspring to care for the Mother as a parent cares for the child. A collaborative initiative with an everlasting impact beyond a lifetime from IMPACTFEST

IMPACTFEST believes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Following up the wrap up of the above-mentioned events and proceedings, IMPACTFEST ends with a blissful musical evening and a parallelly run Fun Zone

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