Indian Government plans to rank states on education

Indian Government : The Indian Government is planning to rank states based on their education system. The main objective behind the idea is to increase the competitive spirit among the states in terms of education and to improve the current education condition in India. The States will be ranked on the basis of their infrastructure, quality of education, learning the outcome, how well they use their resources, innovative projects undertaken by their educational institutions and research outcomes.

Currently, The central government’s policy NitiAayog, in collaboration with the human resources development ministry (HRD ministry), is working on the index that the states will be ranked on. NitiAyog is currently working on that and the index is likely to be launched in a couple of months.NitiAayog chief executive Amitabh Kant earlier this month indicated such education rankings for states are in the works.

The whole exercise is aimed at making  output-driven than the present input-driven system. The expert, who, too, requested anonymity, said the performance will be tracked “on a real-time basis”, and any swings in the ranking of states can be seen on a dedicated website.  “The quality of education needs to be improved. We are focusing on learning outcomes. We are going to make states compete on the quality of education and learning outcomes,” said by an official as mentioned in the leading newspaper.

Indian Government

Indian Government : India has one of the largest education systems in the world with nearly 330 million students in schools and colleges. The country has over 1.4 million schools, nearly 45,000 colleges and around 720 universities.

The Indian Government had already put in months of hard work in building this and had consulted several top educationists across the world.

In a large democratic country like India, the quality of education remains a challenge from the primary to tertiary level. More than half of Class V students could not read a Class II text in 2014, as stated in a report of 2015. As well as the global league tables, Indian universities lag far behind.

In the QS world university rankings, only a few Indian institutes managed to get a rank in top 200 which is poor as compared to last year.

In India, Education is largely a state subject which should be discussed as the priority and taking all states on board is utmost important. States for years are demanding more funds, and a differential funding pattern will have political consequence. But it is high time to prioritize this and raise the education standards in India.

Indian Government

Author: Meghana Apsingekar

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