India and France tie up to explore space.

New Delhi: The intellectual powered nations both India and France have made tie-ups to improve the missions to Mars and Venus,The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and French National Space Agency (CNES) have together made agreements to send rovers onto Moon, Mars, and other planets, This would also help them to exchange  technologies with each other. IPL updates: Sunrisers Hyderabad – a tough nut to crack.

 Collective growth for India and France :

“The two agencies of both India and France are focusing on the Indian Mars mission to bring it into reality, India is already working on two major missions, ‘Chandrayaan-I’ to Moon and ‘Mangalyaan’ to Mars. The Chandrayaan-II is said to be launched in the month of April 2018, the space agencies have prestigiously taken the project into hands and want to explore much achievement in space technologies” said an official from ISRO. Follow us on Facebook.

Latest technologies in India and France :

The French space giant CNES will be providing its  latest technologies to ISRO to accurately and effectively operate the moon rovers and apart from this the two space agencies will be contributing towards sending satellites to study Mars and Venus atmospheres, CNES wants to develops its own missions by working with ISRO and the agencies will make sure to upgrade their countries technologies” said an official from CNES.

Space agencies explore new path:

The other space agencies like NASA have also put in their efforts in working with ISRO for which the outcome crossed its limit barriers, The technology from a group of agencies play a key role in exploring new paths in space and also to exactly have a clear picture of the technological advancements taking place in the upcoming agencies.the relation between India and France is 60 years old and still growing, as we could see, the ISRO and CNES are known to the world for its achievements in space technologies and the progressives moves make us realize the true potential of the collectiveness and possessive growth.


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