Impact of movies on children, psychologists say trend is changing.

INDIA:Impact of movies has known to have both positive as well as negative impact on a child’s mind as well on his overall development. Movies with social message or pure fun can be worth watching but movies with too much of violence and mean messages are of no good to children.IPL 2018 from April 6 says Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)

How watching movies impact children:

If any movie is good and exhibits learning message for the society, than it does have positive effect on a child’s development! Such movies could be anything from the ones that try to highlight an event or try to open our eyes towards a situation which we are unaware of. Educational movies or adventure movies too have a good impact on children.Follow us on facebook.

Impact of  movies related to comedy:

Comedy movies are more of fun and entertainment. Such movies serve as a relaxation or stress busters for people of all age group. Such movies shouldn’t have any such bad impact on children. Comedy movies such as Tom and Jerry Tales, Mr. Bean, most of the Adam Sandler Movies such as Grown Ups etc are really worth watching. But comedy too has its levels, after a certain level comedy may become a satire or sarcasm.

Horror movies and its impact on children:

Horror movies such as “Halloween”, “Boogeyman”, Friday The 13th” etc are known to have a deep impact on children.. Children are really bothered after watching a horror movie and in most cases start believing in the stories. In many cases children are known to fall sick or even suffer severe health problems after watching such horror movies.

Action movies and its impact on children:

Action movies are the favorites among people of all age group. Who would miss out a action movie if it has your favorite action hero showing some great stunts and action. But apart from the action, these movies also exhibit bad behavior, unhealthy habits, cruelty, violence and inappropriate words which may not do any good to your young one.

Parents are the most role players in what their children must watch, so its necessary that their views on screen should be focused at gaining good knowledge rather than simply watching random movies.

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