Impact fest is a place where Technology meets Innovation

Impact fest: Your innovative idea may be the next big thing. All you need is to be seen at the right place and at the right time to present it. Interact with the right people who can guide you and you might find yourselves onto a path of success in no time short.

All roads will lead to JNTU on 21st and 22nd January 2017, where the most IMPACT 2K17, the most innovative tech event is being held, in association with the CSI and many a reputed Professional Student bodies.

“Impact Fest is a Place where Technology Meets Innovation. Talent meets opportunity. The theme of Impact Fest is Build and Innovate” Says Nikeelu Gunda, IMPACT head.

Everything at Impact 2K17 is designed to promote experiential learning and to simulate wisdom To encourage students and their ideas by creating a platform to exhibit their Innovation.


The overall aim is to create a conducive atmosphere which enables student ideas to reach the next level.  The organizer’s motto is to encourage students to take an active part in technological development by being a part of the start-up ecosystem. There’s no better time than now for this. It’s better to start early as ideas need continuous refining till they meet industry standards.

Students can present their innovative ideas and products, take experts’ opinion on how to develop their ideas, and turn passion into a profession.

Impact Talks

Impact 2K17 adds glitter to the event with talks by many eminent speakers, who have been successful in converting their passion to profession. They will be sharing their stories with the enthusiastic student community.


“These stories help students to have a deep insight on how success is brewed and how people with success, have built the said success,” says Tarun Kumar Davuluri, Founder IMPACT

Some of the prominent speakers are,

Mr Anil Bokil, the brain behind Demonetisation. Mr Bokil, on his chance to have a private audience with the Prime Minister, pitched his idea of demonetising higher value currency which was implemented and the fight against black money has begun.

Mr. Diwakar Vaish( Who made first Humanoid Robot Manav), Mr Vaish is also credited with inventing the world’s first ever brain controlled wheelchair.

Mr Senthil (Cinematographer – Baahubali) who has the passion and talent of photography and has worked with many a great personality.

Mr.Navneet Kaushal, CEO of Page Traffic, Navneet Kaushal is often termed as India’s search guru, Page Traffic is named as India’s top digital search marketing company.

Mr Anurag Batra, Chairman of Business World,

Mr Rajagopalan, a well-known astrophysicist from IISC Bangalore.


Mr Nikhil Chandwani, a writer and a filmmaker

The agenda of the event is as follows.

  • Paper Presentation (All dept)
  • Product Presentation / Idea Pitching (All dept)
  • Exhibitions where 100+ innovative products are Being exhibited
  • Musical Evening (Encouraging arts)15977352_190525511422124_428114586731410197_n

Brands at the event.

“IMPACT 2K17 welcomes brands looking to establish themselves among the student community. Stalls and other promotional activities can be carried out on the campus by brands. Many brands are tied up with the event, making use of the huge turnout expected.” Says Priyanka Menchineni, one of the organizer.

Networking for students.

This event is designed and conducted by dynamic students. The organizers emphasize the importance of networking for students, and these events help them to meet stalwarts in the industry, take tips from experts, and meet like-minded people to turn their dreams into reality.

IMPACT 2K17 has garnered a lot of attention from the media and students alike. JNTU campus will be buzzing with lots of creative energy, make sure you are there at the event without fail!


Student entry fee is 300/- (Includes 2 days food, entry for talks and exhibitions, and a certificate)

Register for the event at

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