IKEA in Hyderabad, IKEA’s launch in Hyderabad will create 800 jobs

IKEA is ready to Launch its first store in India. IKEA’s launch in Hyderabad will create 800 jobs for youth. Apply now for IKEA jobs. IKEA jobs. Apply as student news reporter from your college

The largest furniture retailer in the world revolutionized the furniture business in a number of ways around the world. The most obvious way was how they were able to offer serviceable products at prices that were far below competitors’ prices. This is often overlooked within the furniture industry even today, the way they merchandised their products by giving full and complete descriptions so that it was easy for consumers to understand what they were buying.Consumers who can afford better quality, higher priced furnishings often turn to IKEA because there are so few options available for high-quality furniture especially in India that can fit tight doorways or stairs often found in older homes and apartments.Headquartered in the Netherlands, It designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories.Facebook

It is all set to open its first store in India in 2018 and launched IKEA store in Forum Mall in Kukatpally near Hitec City which is only for display.The customers can touch, feel and experience the ready to Assemble furniture that can fit through narrow doors and stairways where conventional furniture cannot go which will be available at the store.The retailer will also offer over 7,000 products at its first store in the country.Almost 1,000 out of around 7,000 products to cost below Rs 200, the company officials said.Pay later option with Paytm and users get 20,000 as loan

IKEA’s launch in Hyderabad will create 800 jobs

With an investment of Rs, 1,000 crores for its First Indian IKEA store spread across four lakh square feet with 1000 members restaurant sitting capacity in Hitec City. IKEA’s Launch in India will create more than 800 jobs.It currently has 50 suppliers with 45,000 direct employees and going forward we are looking at expanding this supply chain. It is currently training 100 women in retail skills in Hyderabad to create IKEA jobs. John Achillea, the Store Manager, said the number would be increased to 300, and some of the trained women will be placed in the Hyderabad store. It also promises more than 50% of employees includes women.



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