I look at students and treat them like my daughters says Padma Sri Ma’am

Mrs.Padma Sri Ma’am is a Physics faculty in H&S Department from Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women. She is one of the best faculties as said student’s of the college and we Elyuxen couldn’t miss out an opportunity to take her interview.

Q. Why teaching
A. My father was a teacher and coming from a background of teaching parents my choice was obvious as i was very much inspired by them.
Q. Other than teaching
A. If I have to then it would be research side but I strongly believe teaching is my cup of tea

Padmasri Mam interview
Q. Every year students change but the subject is same. Isn’t it boring?
A. Students and their mentalities, thinking and ideologies are different year by year. As generation changes they change. Their freshness motivates me and keeps me enthusiastic even after 16years of service.
Q. Any professional suggestion to students?
A. I would ask them to follow their heart. It’s okay if they are doing a different course, but once they get an opportunity to do something that’s close to their heart never ever leave it. Job satisfaction and passion towards it is important. At the end of the career, down the lane you shouldn’t have a regret at all. Never think low or high when it comes to your dream.
Q. How to manage all the roles of mother, daughter, wife and teacher?
A. For me the mother and teacher role go parallelly. I look at my students as daughters and I look my daughter’s as student’s to handle situations. The bond build like this is very very strong is what i believe.
My parents and husband are a huge support system so this part of mine is very smooth.
Q. How do you feel knowing that you are our favourite.
A. On top of the world. This energizes me even more and Students are my boosters.

Stanley college
Q. How do you handle different iq level sets of students
A. For a smart student, A pat on the back and encouraging statement is enough.
For a weak student, motivation, small talks and tips will boost their performance
At the end of the day i treat them all as equals.
Q. Your opinion on education system
A.  I feel we should accept it and stop complaining and comparing. We have what we have and all we need to concentrate on is making it productive.
Q. How’s should class environment be?
A. I make sure my class is more lively and interactive. I give examples of real life things for my subject so that students grab it without a doubt and discipline is the key. I personally follow it which makes them follow it as well.
Q. How do you like the idea of us, Elyuxen- a student newspaper?
A. I loved it. As soon as I got to know about it, I said it in my class and asked the students to follow the footprints since the kind of exposure and experience you get here will not be possible anywhere.

Interview By Yashna Chowdary .

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