Hyderabad students get traffic police help for board exams.

Hyderabad: Students attending board exams get help from  traffic police as they  usually carry their toughest time in hand while reaching the examination center , now the stressfull students have a helping hand that is Hyderabad traffic police.
Board exams are going on and traffic jams, delay reach to examination center and road rage  trouble them more than the exam stress. So the Hyderabad traffic police have decided to motivate and help them in an innovative way. Under 25 Summit, India’s Largest Youth Festival in Hyd. Book Tickets now

Giving importance to students:

Students are backbone of our nation and the problem of stress and traffic jams are not new especially to hyderabadi students,since Hyderabad is the most trafficated zone after delhi, they decided to make such action in order to benefit the students.The traffic control movements during exams would add a plus point to the name worlds one of the best city on behalf of traffic police.Follow us on facebook

Parents Happy with the move:
Almost near every exam centre, traffic police have been deployed to ensure there are less or no traffic jams. More special thing is that traffic police them selves are standing with a placard in their hand.

Inspector Adimurthy said this was part of an initiative to get friendly with the younger generation. “Policing cannot happen without public support and it is important that they think well of us, that we are here to help them,” he said.

Not only students but the parents were also happy with the initiative of Hyderabad traffic police, as they were suffering from traffic jams earlier, this time they are very surprised. He added.

Students opinion:

“This came as a pleasant surprise to me,” said Alka sharma who had come to write her English exam at kendria vidhyalaya located in uppal” I was nervous but its good to see such placards from unknown people,” she  said.

“Though we start earlier at home that fear of traffic and exam stress is obviously there so on above all that its good to see a change and also the police themself displaying the words boost our confidence” said another student shantan who is writing his exam at The Hyderabad Public School Ramanthapur.

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