Hyderabad students survey on food habits and street food

Hyderabad : Food is not something which is consumed by any individual to just fill his/her hunger, its such an important emotion to be filled more than just having it to take as a daily routine. Food relates to the sense of taste, the best sense of all the senses. Food is one major thing that unites every religion and all classes of people. Each place around the world has its own taste, specialty.

Hyderabad is the place well known for Biryani. Celebrities, well known top class personalities who visit Hyderabad will never miss a glimpse of biryani. Biryani is the oldest food originated in the times when Hyderabad region was ruled by ‘The Nizams’

Same way Mumbai is known for Wada pav, Kerala for its food cooked with Coconut oil, Bengali sweets are not to be mentioned specially. TAJ is a well-known place for 5-star food all over the country.  There are so many names and varieties of food served all around the world, but all of that is one same thing FOOD! The well-known varieties accepted around the world are continental, Italian, English, like such.

Recently there was a survey on FOOD by Hyderabadi student group to get to know about food tastes, new food around, safety and the role of street food in hearts of people that created a huge buzz in the city over night. The main moto of this survey being to get to know the opinion of today’s youth on quality and the Different food tastes and the variety food available and the importance youth give for their taste in this busy schedule.

The survey covered the below aspects

Are you a foodie? To one’s wonder, 77.4% of the youth call themselves FOODIE.

student survey on food

When asked ‘Do you know how many varieties of food styles there in the world? 86% said no. Wait they are foodies! A foodie need not know all the varieties around the world. Fair enough according to them 14% people who are foodies know many varieties of Indian, continental, Italian food

Most of the youth (58.3%) like South Indian Food when asked them about the food they like

Coming to junk food 72.8% youth are fans of Junk food. Junk food is not good for health. Watch out

Where do you eat?

79% people said they eat where ever they want. While few restricted them to home and street food

Diet guys Diet, when asked, “You eat food as much as you want or according to your diet?”66.2% youth committed that they eat according to diet

How many of us have a balanced diet?

Our 57.3% of the youth have balanced diet according to them when asked a question ‘Do you have a balanced diet?

Is it possible to stay slim and healthy without giving up certain foods? What do you say, guys? 45.8% Hyderabadi youth say ‘Yes’.

student survey on food

Finally when asked, Are you aware of different types of food you can eat in your city surroundings?  only 63.2% are aware. Yaaro it’s Hyderabad, biryani, shawarma, mutton Paaya, irani chai ka adda apna. Patha karlo miya

FOOD is always good when it is taken enough when something is taken beyond one’s capacity it leads to the serious state of threat.

Eat safe, Be safe.

Abhilash Goud, Ram Saketh team work

Author: Elyuxen

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