Hyderabad student wins Junior chess championship.

Hyderabad: A student from  TACTICA Chess Academy VLS Bhargava won the juniors chess championship in the category of the 142nd Brilliant Trophy Open Chess Tournament held at Brilliant Grammar High School, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

He maintained a good score until the last move. Varenya took second place with 5.5 points while Ch Anirudh bagged third place with 5 points.In the open category, C Sibi and Praneeth V tied for first place with 5.5 points out of 6 rounds. In the tie-breaker, C Sibi  is the winner. Praneeth stood second and S Khan took the third place with 5 points. Free coaching for engineering and medicine aspirants from March 19.

Members of open category for chess championship:

Open category: 1. C Sibi, 2. Praneeth V, 3. S Khan, 4. C Akira, 5. Sk Fayaz,
6. Saikrishna, 7. D Suresh, 8. S Subbaraju, 9. M Anirudh, 10. A Tarun;
Results: Juniors category: 1. Vignesh Advait (4.5) lost to VLS Bhargav (6); 2. Varenya (5.5) bt Bhargav Sai (4.5); 3. Ch Anirudh (5) drew with Sai Ruthvik (5); 4. Bhavishya Reddy (5) drew with Sahasransh (5); 5. A Surya (5) bt Sai Pavan (4);
Open category: 1. C Sibi ( 5.5) drew with S Khan (5); 2. V Praneeth (5.5) bt S Ramesh Kumar (4); 3. Phani Kanuri (4) lost to Sai Krishna (5); 4. D Suresh (4.5) drew with Anirudh (4.5); 5. Sk Fayaz (5) bt Kavi Samrat (4); Follow us on Facebook.

List of chess championship players:

Under 14: Boys: 1. A Surya, 2. P Ganesh; Girls: 1. A Bhavishya Reddy;

Under 12: Boys: 1. S Sahasransh, 2. Sashreek Kumar; Girls: 1. Varenya, 2. Sneha N;

Under 10: Boys: 1. Ch Anirudh, 2. S Bhargav Sai; Girls: 1. G Eshanvi, 2. B Tanusri Sai;

Under 8: Boys: 1. Vignesh Advaith, 2. Nanda Sai Vinesh; Girls: 1. Hari Manasa;

Best Veteran: T V Subbarao; Best Woman: Gnanayta Netha.

Author: Elyuxen

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