Hyderabad might face a shortage of Drinking water this year.

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) Officials panicked after knowing that the irrigation department failed to maintain higher water levels at Nagarjunasagar for city’s drinking water needs. Now Officials are sorting other ways of installing emergency pumps, which connects a major point of  Krishna water pipe, to meet the city’s drinking water needs.
The Water Board had asked for 510 feet water at the reservoir for continuous supply to the city in summer. The Water Board MD M.Dana Kishore had sent a written request to this effect but was refused by C Muralidhar, engineer-in-chief, Irrigation and Catchment Area Development (I&CAD) saying the water was needed to irrigate standing crops.

The actual amount of water needed:

l “Actual requirement is 22 TMCft for Telangana ayacut apart from demands of Andhra Pradesh under ‘Nagarjuna Sagar Left Canal’project,” Muralidhar said. There is also a requirement of about 24 TMCft for drinking water needs under Mission Bhageeratha.

Keeping this in view, water may not be sufficient to maintain the level at 510feet, the official said. “The water board has to make necessary arrangements to draw water up to 500feet or even below till onset of monsoon,” he added.

Conservation of Drinking water:

There may be several reasons for shortage of water,It might be from governments side, or may be from natures side, or through any natural calamity but what ever the reasons, one should always be aware of Increasing population and its need for drinking water, collectively we all can do much on Global shortage of drinking water forming united groups but longterm goals apart, we as an individual, in every action of ours, we should try to minimize the usage of drinking water for unnecessary needs, and should ensure that our family members to use the limited water Judiciously. We are already paying in heavy amounts for drinking water in spite of having it for free, so conservation of water is a collective responsibility for future generations to survive.

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