Hyderabad school student parents Sonu Song on Cm. KCR is going Viral

Hyderabad School students parents performed Popular Sonu song on Cm.KCR is viral now. Sonu song. Parents Sonuu song. School student parents Sonu song. Apply as student news reporter from your college. Follow us on Facebook for more updates

‘Sonu’ is definitely the most trending song in India right now. Sonu song has evolved in many languages in so many vivid and funny variants.Ajay Kshirsagar is the composer and singer of the original Sonu song.If you search for Sonu song in youtube, You will get a bunch of videos. One of them will have 3 girls singing the song. That is the original one.

When music composer Ajay Kshirsagar’s brother forwarded a short clip to him on WhatsApp, he decided to write a song on it as a lark. The rest, as they say, is a runaway viral with an annoyingly catchy beat that stays with you through the day.The viral ‘Sonu Tujha Majhyavar Bharosa Nay Kay’, styled on Marathi folk, has over six million views, inspired countless spin-offs. The reason behind its immense popularity might be the catchy tune or just the fact that “Sonuu” is a popular household name in India and so people find it more relatable.

Now Hyderabad school student parents performed Sonuu song in Hyderabadi style on Cm.KCR about on going revolt on School fees. Parents have been fighting for last one year against an increase in school fees. But there is no response from TS government till now. This song is performed on behalf of Hyderabad school parents association. The duration of the song is 1:29 seconds and the viral song has already reached more than 20k views on youtube. Song also features HSPA members and associates.HSPA along with many other organizations fighting against increased school fees.

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Watch the song here:

Hyderabad School students parents performed Popular Sonuu song on Cm.KCR is viral now. Sonu song.Parents Sonu song.School student parents Sonu song

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