Hyderabad Man’s Inspiring sparrow story. 

HYDERABAD: Satti Ramachandra Reddy’s Inspiring sparrow story will make you rethink about saving tiny creatures like birds.. He was badly pained by the fact that the tiny creatures, particularly sparrows are worstly suffering, this businessman has launched a ‘Save Birds this Summer’ campaign, Where he reaches every individual to educate people about the need to protect birds and the ever-increasing heat wave.
This is coupled with the distribution of a small hut-like box, designed by Reddy himself, that’s been built to nest birds and can be hung different places in a home. We-hub for women entrepreneurs.

Inspiring sparrow story :

Ramchandra had already given 2,000 boxes across apartments and offices in the city by educating the importance of building homes for birds. “I have seen people becoming more aware of the issue. Today, at least one member of a household takes care of the food and water needs of birds,” he said. Follow us on Facebook.

How we neglect tiny creatures:

saying how we unconsciously ignore the needs of tiny creatures, he said: “The rising pollution and population levels make these birds feel very insecure and impossible to even survive for a certain span of time and for me this move is an Inspiring sparrow story he said.

His Journey:

Revealing his journey he expressed his concern towards birds and he remembered the time during his childhood when his grandmother would encourage him to feed animals, birds, and insects. Today, he has a farm for various animals other than the nests of birds.”I owe much of my success to the support that I have received from individuals and corporate employees who’ve given me the opportunity to spread awareness about the issue,” he added.

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