Akhil Akkineni launched

For the Love of Hyderabad Initiative by Hplt20 team:

Morethan 600 volunteers registered from 60+ colleges to work for HYDERABAD PREMIER LEAGUE for the love of Hyderabad Initiative. love of Hyderabad a.k.a HyBadi is an initiative of HPL develop and promote Health and Fitness for Children below 15 years. Hplt20 partnered with CARE INDIA NGO and UNICEF to interact and explore charity work in Hyderabad.

Volunteer for Hyderabad premier league event and be a part of one of this historic event in Hyderabad.

Organized by Elyuxen Student Newspaper

Elyuxen is a student newspaper which is a spreading start-up by students, with a motto that news around the globe should reach to all the present era students and be useful. What makes it so interesting is the news is covered by the students itself, the Writers, editors, photographers are students of different fields. Elyuxen is now setting a platform for the youth in Hyderabad who loves cricket, in the name of HPL.


1.Building a diversified community, promoting, encouraging, foster and cultivating the sport at all levels

2.Reflecting our spirit, energy, richness, and passion in every area of activity, from organizing, teams to the stadium in which to compete and be entertained


To be recognized as an ideal/ supreme platform for the youth to exhibit their brilliance in the field of cricket regardless of age, race, religion, culture thereby reaching our transformation goal of promoting talented budding cricketers through quality cricket played in the true spirit of the game.


1.HPL aims to develop junior and young player’s confidence and skills.

2.HPL aims to contribute to the development of sports and games.

3.HPL aims to promote  leadership  qualities and social engagement  through cricket


1.To help in one’s physical growth and development.

2.To provide advanced coaching to talented  regional cricketers

3.To develop an interest in, and a desire to continue, sports activities in later years

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