Hello curry, An inspiring Start up.

INDIA: Hello Curry is led by entrepreneur-turned-investor Sashi Reddi, who has already pumped in Rs.3 crore through his seed stage venture fund, Sri Capital. A US-based high net-worth individual (HNI) also participated in the bridge round, said Raju Bhupati, Hello Curry’s co-founder and chief executive. Hyderabad Team Defeats Karnataka in BCCI women’s cricket.

Hello curry vision:

“If we have to grow from 30 units to 300 units, we need to have a framework in place,” Bhupati said in an interview. He aims to build Hello Curry into India’s biggest food brand on the lines of international food chains such as Pizza Hut and KFC. Follow us on Facebook.

Hello Curry’s world-class Food:

To ensure that Hello Curry’s food tastes the same worldwide, the company is developing a strong framework and is standardizing processes, ingredients, cooking method, supply chain, and packaging.“No matter where you go in the world, our biryani has to taste the same. We need to do immense R&D (research and development) for that. (We need to figure out) what kind of rice we will need, the kind of oil and masalas we will need,” pointed out Bhupati. “The entire cooking should become skill-less. We will produce the best quality and highly tasteful food without having to involve too much of skill. That is where we will differentiate ourselves with immense R&D.”

Hello curry expansion:

Hello Curry is planning to raise a new round of funding within four to six months. According to the company statement, it would raise $12 Mn in the Series A round. The new round will help the company fuel its expansion growth.In India, the startup presently has 31 outlets and plans to expand in Pune, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada. It also has plans to open microformat kiosks under the Hello Paratha brand, a product line that was started after the acquisition of food chain Paratha Post.

you can check it out here.

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