The Young auteur Harikanth Gunamagari about Arupu song

Harikanth Gunamagari, a young multi-tasker is born and bought up in Hyderabad. He’s the founder and director of Kala, founded in 2014.

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He’s a multi-tasker for many reasons when it comes to his work he can handle and deal with all the departments, be it write, shoot, edit, VFX, sound or color. He’s never been to any film school’s but then he did graduate from Bharatiya Vidya bhavans from Life sciences group. He later went onto work for a pharmaceutical company and decided to end it after three long un-efficient years.

It all started when Harikanth Gunamagari picked up a DSLR along his friends and started making home videos. He then started to work along Joseph Radhik and Vinoothnageetha which further pushed him to take up his career in this filed seriously. Harikanth Gunamagari had won over two international film festivals in the last three years. His short films are known to have a unique tone and mood, be it a thriller or a rom-com. He had collaborated with Kamran and Roll Rida for many projects. Although, his excitement lies in his latest project Arupu.

Harikanth Gunamagari latest song ARUPU which is a Telugu word means to speak out loud and break the silence. This song is based upon the current situation of every single infant, girl, lady, woman, and an old woman. A society where the age of a female is just a number. which tells “A woman gave birth to you. Respect her. Protect her. She is not entitled to the harassment you bring to her.” Apart from his career, he loves traveling.

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