Being an engineer is not a degree, it is a self-factor of PRIDE and HONOUR #Happy Engineers Day


We Design, We construct, we gear up the development of the county, we create the living, & we are THE ENGINEERS.

We have the Dignity, we have the thought, we have the title, we are Engineers.

The essence of ENGINEER DAY, bought up to India, by an engineering who displayed the meaning, by his contribution to water and hydraulic Engineering. He was the dignity behind the construction of the krishna raja sagara dam.maxresdefault

He had his knowledge spread wide over the country. His highest and one of the honor was BHARAT RATNA. Having had such an inspiring Engineer at times not so old, his constructions were remarkable, benchmarks were high. He is the legend of engineering, BHARAT RATNA MOKSHAGUNDAM VISVESVARAYA.


To honor his several contributions India has its own ‘engineer’s day’ on the legends birthday i.e, 15th September every year. Starting from the advanced techniques of irrigation to the installation of the system which has automatic weir water floodgates. And many more achievements in his service life. No surprise in celebrating his birthday as India’s Engineer’s Day.

Every year, the universities around the world, graduate many young engineers. India is nowhere back in proving to graduate youngsters, with their desired stream of engineering. The talent lies within the knowledge. To dig out the innovative and vivid ideas from the engineers, the theme is the engineer’s topic. The theme for this ENGINEER’S day is “Skill Development for Young Engineers to Reform the Core Sector: Vision 2025.” Across the country, the engineers will effort and attempt themselves to,
• Address the prime skill factors through assessments, teaching, curriculum and real life case study.
• Emphasize on soft skills development
• Exercise skills in a simulated environment
• And, customize courses to meet different customer.
Being an engineer is not a degree, it is a self-factor of PRIDE and HONOUR.

Author: Varsha Vinnakota

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