URI MARTYR’S : While many are busy venting out their anger on social media over the killing of 18 soldiers in Uri and demanding strong retaliation by the Indian government, Businessman Mahesh Savani, along with social activists and philanthropists, has offered to sponsor education to the children of all the 18 soldiers. “I saw a girl of our Indian soldier crying on the television saying that her father had told her to study hard and become successful. At that moment, I decided to sponsor the children of the martyrs killed in Uri attack,” said Savani. Also extending a helping hand to the family of one of the soldiers killed is the DAV Society, a Delhi-based non-governmental educational organization, whose Director U S Prasad said “We have decided to provide free education to the three daughters of the martyred soldier- S K Vidyarthi till class 12th,” The three daughters of Sepoy Vidyarthi — Aarti, Anshu, and Anshika – study in classes VIII, VI and II, in DAV Public School, Rotary campus medical unit, Gaya.

The three sisters had appeared in the school for their examination on Tuesday, a day after news of their father’s death in Uri terrorist attack had come.They said they took the examination to keep the commitment they had made to their father. School Principal A K Jana said that he and the school authorities would try to raise funds for the three for their studies after class 12th also. “We will be with them in shaping their career,” Jana said.

This is not the first time the businessman has been in the news for an act of charity. Mahesh Savani has also been paying for the weddings of fatherless women in the city of Surat for several years.With the brides dressed in traditional red and gold-embroidered saris and the grooms wearing long tunics and turbans, 151 young couples tied the knot at a mass wedding in Gujarat on Sunday.Mahesh Savani said he first stepped in to play the role of the father in 2008 when one of his employees died a few days before the weddings of his two daughters.Every year since then, Savani has paid for the weddings of young women from poor families who have lost their fathers.


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