Are you a good Story writer ?? Kahaniya -Start up – is the Right place.

Writing is an expression of  inner thoughts and beliefs says Kahaniya A Hyderabad based Start up . Fiction stories and novels have been one of the most intimate style of writing. From teenagers to adults, most of the avid readers prefer at least one book in the fiction genre. Such storytelling allows people to run their imagination far beyond what it is with the author’s way of conveying the story.What is Vijay Deverakonda’s Next Movie ??? want to know about him ???

But, not all writers can get their stories published. These writers end up publishing on blogs where they reach out to a limited number of enthusiasts.  Such wonderful stories and writers could not reach a large audience until ‘Kahaniya’came in.

Kahaniya is an effort to bring back regional language fiction. In recent times, English has been the prime consumption in terms of digital communication and storytelling. Now, with Kahaniya, the team is focusing on altering the scenario by building a platform dedicated primarily to regional language fiction. To accommodate the brevity needs of the current generation, Kahaniya has been tailored to focus on short fiction, stories/poems that can be consumed in less than 15 minutes.

Apart from English, this platform currently supports writing in 10 regional languages  which include  Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Guajarati, Odiya and Punjabi. Follow us on Facebook.

The team at Kahaniya:

Devendar, the brain behind Kahaniya, when discussed the idea with his team SaddaHaq, they instantly nodded to come up with a platform to connect readers and writers. A team of school friends, after parting ways for graduation, they came together in 2012, to start SaddaHaq and now they co-own Kahaniya as well.

The Kahaniya team consists of –

Devendar Gona, Jeswanth Podooru, Pallav Bajjuri,  Sandeep Ponagandla. Together, they have over 30 years of experience building technology driven products.

what you can do here :

If you love reading, Kahaniya is the place to discover and read the best short fiction in your regional language. You as a reader get a chance to connect directly with your favourite writers. With the Android app around the corner, you can read the stories you like anytime and anywhere.If you are a writer who is looking for a platform for storytelling, at Kahaniya you get a chance to not only publish your stories in your regional language but also build and engage with your audience and even earn money for your work.

Kahaniya is a huge bet on the growth of regional language users on Internet and the lack of time/patience that people have on the web. It is a platform that connects both the readers and the writers. Today, it is the only self-publishing platform for regional fiction on the Internet. It provides a complete ecosystem for writers as well as readers. Go ahead and read away.

Author: Elyuxen

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