Good news for Osmania University students.

HYDERABAD: The colleges affiliated to Osmania University now have an opportunity to obtain photocopies of their answer sheets.This new facility will benefit the students in looking at their own corrected paper and to assess their answers.The university management recently announced it. Tamilnadu Government Extends Its Eyes to Air.

New courses in Osmania University :

The announcement by the university is not limited to photocopy but also about Msc in hospital management.Earlier the course was discontinued as the number of people writing the exam was less. Now, the university officials decided to reintroduce the course as it is now important in several fields.The Osmania University has also decided to introduce 15 certificate courses in journalism and mass communication from the coming year. Follow us on Facebook.

 Officials Note:

Faculty of OU said “In spite of pooling in resources available, there is a shortfall of Rs 63.18 crore, against the total expenditure of Rs 686.77 crore on pay and allowances, pensions and maintenance. As the block grant allocated to OU for 2018-19 is not sufficient, the government will be requested for sanction additional funds to overcome the shortfall.”

“Earlier, students could only seek photocopy, but not do anything about it. But from the academic year 2018-19, students can apply for re-evaluation after seeking photocopy of their answer sheets,” said an OU official.

About Osmania University:

Osmania University is named after its founder, Nawab Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad who brought the University into existence in 1918. It is the seventh oldest in the Country and third oldest in South India. Though the need for the University for the Hyderabad State was felt, both by the intelligentsia and the people for a long time, the initiative came from a civil servant, Sir Akbar Hydari, who was then the Home Secretary to the State Government. Sir Hydari, in a memorandum to the Education Minister in Early 1917, emphasized the need to establish a University of Hyderabad with ‘Urdu’ as the medium of instruction “as it is the language of the widest currency in India, official language of the State, and it is a language which is understood by a vast majority of the population of the State.” He believed that higher education must have its foundations deep in the national consciousness.

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