Good news for adilabad students, Study circle to be set up in Asifabad.

Asifabad:  Prasanth Jeevan Patil collector stated that a Study circle to be set up in asifabad on the name  Kumram Bheem, it will provide necessary coaching for tribal youth in cracking exams related to government Jobs,He  said about well known anthropologist Prof Von Furer-Haimendorf and his wife Elizabeth on celebration of 31st death anniversary on thursday at Marlawai village in Jainoor mandal.Attention sweets lovers, World Sweet festival in Hyderabad from 13th jan

The collector said  that students and graduates  should become entrepreneurs and employment creators rather than seeking just a job, as the government cannot provide employment for each and every individual. He also said that all the students and elderly people would be brought under proper training on developmental activities and also the exact place for the study circle would be announced soon.Follow us on facebook

Officials Note:

The official also assured people that the current Trs government is looking after welfare of each and every society and also it would conduct workshops in bringing awareness on various government related schemes. He also said that he would give his best in making sure they receive best administration and also provide transparency in what the government is actually doing for tribals and adivasis.

Protection of culture:

Adilabad Collector and ITDA-Utnoor chairman D Divya asked parents of tribal students to educate their traditions and festivals to their children. She also said that books would be published on their religious cultures and languages, she thanked all of them for holding their culture despite the digital age.

MLA’s Note:

Asifabad MLA Kova Laxmi assured said that she will make sure the problems are heard by chief minister KCR ,she also said quick efforts would be made in provifing 2BHK houses to residents of Malawai. Sp  Kalmeshwar Shinenawar said tribal students will be given proper training in not only employment but importance of respecting women and public behaviour.

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