150 girls from engineering colleges to attend Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) workshop

Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES), The United States of America and the Republic of India are proud to announce the eighth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad, India on 28-30 November 2017. This year’s Summit will highlight the theme Women First, Prosperity for All, and will focus on supporting women entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth globally. Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump will headline the United States delegation to the Summit. Paylayter with Paytm Work as Student News reporter from your college Facebook

GES is the preeminent annual entrepreneurship gathering that convenes emerging entrepreneurs, investors and supporters from around the world. GES 2017 will create an environment that empowers innovators, particularly women, to take their ideas to the next level. Through two and a half days of networking, mentoring, and workshops, GES empowers entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, build partnerships, secure funding, innovate, and find their target customers — creating new goods and services that will transform societies.

Around 150 girls pursuing computer science course in the engineering colleges across 13 districts of the State are part of a ‘Women of the New Millennium’ hackathon series being held in Hyderabad.The hackathon series is a run-up to the Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES)-2017, slated for November 28, 29 and 30, also in Hyderabad.

Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) workshop by Tech foundation at Microsoft Office

The programme is being conducted by the Girls in Tech Foundation at the Microsoft office and is sponsored jointly by the departments of Youth Services of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Microsoft and US Consulate General, Hyderabad. A total of 250 girls were selected from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and of the 12 participants will be short-listed to take part in the Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) workshop.

Katherine Hadda, US Consul General, Hyderabad, said the Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) was an opportunity to promote women and women’s economic opportunities, support entrepreneurship and foster economic growth and prosperity for all.

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