Getting a post graduate degree is an additional advantage

Earning an undergraduate degree is an undeniably big accomplishment, it may not be the end of your academic journey. In fact, millions of students all over the world choose to continue even further by pursuing postgraduate degrees, degrees pursued after completion of the bachelor’s degree. Also referred to as advanced degrees, these include master’s degrees and doctorates.Wondering whether this route is right for you? If so, we have  got few reasons to considergetting  a postgraduate degree.Hyderabad to host a global event of WCIT 2018 and NASSCOM

Life prospects will grow:

While a bachelor’s degree used to be the gold standard for job applicants, the hiring landscape has changed. In its article, “How the Master’s Degree Became the New Bachelor’s In the Hiring World,” Fast Company reveals, “Nearly a third (32 percent) of employers are bumping up education requirements for new hires. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 27 percent are recruiting those who hold master’s degrees for positions that used to only require four-year degrees, and 37 percent are hiring college grads for positions that had been primarily held by those with high school diplomas.” Follow us on facebook

There will be change in career:

Postgraduate degrees don’t just open up job possibilities in your area of undergraduate study. In fact, it’s possible to change tracks entirely. For example, if you studied law as an undergraduate, you can switch to business as a postgrad. You can also refine your area of study — and position yourself as an expert in the process. Whether you’re discovering an alternate interest after working in your chosen field or are looking for a course of study that complements your studies to date, a postgraduate degree opens doors to exciting new possibilities.

knowledge goes worldly:

Many options exist when it comes to postgraduate studies. Says The Telegraph, “The type of course and length of study is your decision to make….Research the right course for you; a part-time postgraduate course is an option, which can allow you to work alongside your education and family life. Many universities provide courses suitable for students based overseas or at a distance to the campus. Sometimes work can offer postgraduate careers alongside your employment.”

Intellectual growth will be enjoyed:

Postgraduate studies aren’t just a means to a better job or different career. For students with a genuine passion for a particular topic or area of research, advanced degrees provide an ideal forum to delve deeper.This can be quite thrilling, according to professor Andrew Joseph Pegoda. “You are THE specialist about your topic and areas of interestsPeople care what you have to say,” he says. Plus, think of it this way: You have your whole life ahead of you to work; why not spend this time learning more about something that really interests you — especially since the personal and professional benefits of doing so are profound.

circle and communication would be enhanced:

Undergraduate students are nameless faces in the crowd at many universities. Postgraduate studies offer the chance to build a larger, more personal network considering not only of other students, but of faculty members, as well. Contribute to a research project or present a paper at an academic conference, meanwhile, and your circle will expand even further.One last thing to keep in mind? Opting to do a postgraduate degree is only one part of the puzzle. Choosing the right program is also critical to making the most of your decision. Teaching style, and overall approach/philosophy are all important to evaluate before choosing a postgraduate program.

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