Gautam Nanda Review || Gautam Nanda is good point with bad taking

Gautam Nanda Review : Gautam Nanda is a choice for a mass audience this weekend.Gautam Nanda Review.Gautam Nanda Rating.Gautam Nanda collections.Movie review: Actor Gopichand hasn’t been at his regular touch for a long time at the box office. The last hit as we remember was Loukyam, which was a mass entertainer. Sticking to his comfort zone, Gopichand is here with Gautham Nanda, a commercial potboiler directed by Sampath Nandi. facebook
What is it about?
Gautham (Gopichand) is born with a golden spoof, son of rich businessman Ghattamaneni Vishnu Prasad. Gautham is a party animal, drenched in the flow of money. Before he is about to take the charge of Ghattamaneni groups, the golden spoon boy comes across an incident which changes his perception towards life. Gautham now wants to see the life beyond money.
Flip side there is Nanda (Gopichand) who resides in a slum of Borabanda. He is into some serious financial trouble brought by unemployment. Gautham needs the life beyond money and Nanda needs money. What happens next is they exchange their lives for 30 days. A promising plot right? Readmore
Artists and Performances :
Probably for the first time after turning into a lead actor, Gopichand has changed his looks. The makeover looks perfect for the role. He carried two different lives and emotions at his usual best. Although we can’t see an all new Gopichand performance wise, it’s still better when we compare to his previous couple of films. Hansika looks great but the dubbing artist brought all the mediocrity to her role. She was a doll in a beautifully captured song Bole Ram. Catherine has got an ultra glamours role and her skin show would be eye pleasing for certain sections of the audience. Bitthiri Satti cameo was good. There is nothing much to talk about villain gang. Same old boring performances. Apply as student news reporter from your college
Technical Talk : 
Thaman’s music is already a hit. The background score is just too good. He tried his best to inject energy into the pale looking scenes. The cinematography is literally stunning. Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara and Bole Ram song had some arresting visuals. Cinematography department was on point for this commercial film. Editing failed to carry the movie. Of course, we cannot blame the editor in a film with routine taking. Production values are on par with expectations.
Analysis :
Two similar looking characters with different backgrounds who exchange their lives, is this point a new thing in Telugu Cinema? Today, Mahesh Babu is a superstar and we have seen a similar point in a Telugu film when he was a child artist. Well, Sampath Nandi added a layer of money and its influence on human behavior. This idea sounds interesting but it lost the exciting factor when it landed into the hands of a film maker like Sampath Nandi who is still in old school of Telugu film making. Having said that, Gautham Nandi still could a choice for a mass audience this weekend. The glamor and action should save.
Gautam Nanda Review Plus Points :
* Cinematography and Music
* Gopichand’s new look
* Glamour
Gautam Nanda Review Minus Points :
* Good point wasted with taking
* Predictable screen play
* Forced emotions and some silly scenes

Gautam Nanda Review Brief Note :

Back to the days of “Mass Moolam Idam Telugu Cinema”
Rating :

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