Former isro Chairman says Education in India has become a commercial commodity


G Madhavan Nair, an eminent scientist and former India Space Research Organisation chairman, expressing his concern over the declining quality of education in the nation said “the education system in India has become a commercial commodity and real education is not being imparted to children who in fact are being spoon-fed, and most of the evaluation exams are memory-tests rather than gauging their understanding of the subject.”

“That’s why the education system has deteriorated considerably. Result is that the people who come out even after graduation or engineering, they are not employable. They don’t have the basic understanding of the subject, don’t have the skills for applying knowledge for practical applications and this is resulting in a pathetic situation,” Nair told PTI.

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He strongly condemned the tendency of political parties to make college campuses a training ground for budding politicians and said that politics and education should not be mixed with each other instead political parties should start a separate institute for training politicians.

According to him “Quality is the first casualty at many of India’s private institutions, which are only interested in increasing student intake number and making money.” Nair stressed that the observation, analytical and communication skills of students should be the focal point of education in addition to cultivating moral values.

“These should form the basis of primary education. Once the foundation is strong and you show them the way how to acquire knowledge that is sufficient. There is no point in just doing 10,000 answers by-heart that will not take you anywhere. Education system should be an enabler, that kind of change is required,” he said. 


Nair expressed his regret over the lack of talented people in the teaching profession and added that those in the profession are not being given proper and professional training. He stressed that quality is a must in teaching and teachers must also be evaluated periodically.
He also advocated adopting some basic lessons from Gurukul system, particularly strong relation between the teacher-student and the parent. Nair said “That ambience has to be created. Evaluations should not be based on annual exam. It should be constant evaluation where the parent also participates in a very scientific manner. Moral studies have to be given strong base in early part of education.”



He also stressed the importance of three language (Hindi, English, and local language) policy and said that it should be adopted in all the states. Hindi is a link language, English has become mandatory for our system, and basic education can be imparted in a much more efficient manner in local language. Read more

He also believes that students should be given an opinion to study Sanskrit.

“Sanskrit is one of the most scientific languages, learning that, I understand, will improve analytical skills of the individual.”

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