Flying kites on roads will not be allowed during sankranti.

HYDERABAD: kites will be prohibited from flying at holy places, buildings and on all roads to make sure the safety of kite flyers and to keep law and order. The regulations will act from January 14 to 6 am to January 16 6pm said Commissiner of Police, V.V. Srinivas Rao.Good news for adilabad students, Study circle to be set up in Asifabad.


Kites flying is a popular festival in India and it takes place during Makara Sankranti in the month of January. The kite festival is celebrated in various states of India and displays amazing collections of simple and fancy kites in different shapes and sizes.Follow us on facebook

Instructions to parents:

As the kite festival is arriving police officials requested all the citizens that at-most care should be taken while children are flying kites. In view of past incidents, though celebrating festival projects our culture the prohibition would help saving many lives.

The parents are advised not to fly kites from roof tops and terraces by city police. Also requested to make their children aware of the threat of chasing kites which are moving through the air after a kite fight, running on the roads and trying to pull kite off electric poles would cost their life. If children are not careful, there could be chances of electric shock police said.

Figures of  incidents:

Almost 1000 to 2000 are prone to tearing of skin through threads tied to kites and India sees 10-15 deaths every year.

This time police are expecting that the increase in market for kites would add more number of incidents and in due view of that they want to reduce the number of incidents or deaths.

Instructions for bonfire:

“Revellers will not be allowed to collect wood forcibly for bonfires. Any person found violating the orders shall be liable for prosecution under the Hyderabad City Police Act, 1348” said commissioner of police. Also the public are instructed to remain safe while handling fire near them on bhogi.



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