Fidaa movie review : Fidaa is a well made honest love story by Shekar kammula

Fidaa movie review : Fidaa makes you fall in love with the characters, cry for their pain and laugh at their joy. Fidaa is a well made honest love story, in brief.

Titles were rolling in the theater, there was silence resembling the library but one name on the screen passed electricity into the usually very boring multiplex audience. Eruption moment. You know who can do that to the class audience. It’s the magical Sekhar Kammula. With so much burden of reputation on his shoulders, let’s see if or not Kammula delivered exactly what audience were expecting from him.
What is it about?
Varun (Varun Tej) is a doctor who resides in America along with his elder brother and one younger brother. He sees a marriage match for his elder brother in a Telangana village named Bansuwada. He flies to Bansuwada for the marriage where he meets Bhanumati (Sai Pallavi), sister of the bride. Bhanumati is a hyper active village girl with her own beliefs. She doesn’t like this custom of a girl moving to husband’s home after marriage.  Along with this mindset, a strong reason plays an influential role in Bhanumati rejecting Varun’s proposal.
When Varun tries to distract himself from Bhanumati in America, Bhanumati pays a visit to America. There begins the clash of emotions.
Fidaa movie review : Artists & Performances
Varun Tej not just donned a fresh look for the film, he even performed in a fresh way. A refreshing change after a dud like Mister. Probably, his best work after Kanche. Forgive us, if you are an admirer of Varun Tej. Sai Pallavi steals the show from everyone. She is a typical Telangana village girl filled with wittiness, kind of head weight and also kindness. What would surprise you? Definitely, the way Sai Pallavi owned the Telangana slang despite being a non-Telugu speaking girl. We get connected to her emotions quite easily. She made it look so simple pulling out such a difficult character effortlessly. She is here to stay. Just can’t believe how gutsy she is in this tinsel town where actresses wear kilos of makeup and she is the one who is comfortable with her natural looks. This tells that she is an actress but not a heroine.
The supporting cast did a great job. Casting is a big asset for the film. It was never like we are watching completely new faces. The two actors who played Bhanumati’s father and sister were naturally brilliant.
Fidaa movie review : Technical Talk:
Shakti Kanth’s album is already a topper in the music charts. Vaccine, Oorukodu and Eyy Pillagade are new three favorites of music lovers. All the songs were even more beautiful on screen. The background score is good enough to maintain the mood of the story. Production values are supposed to be good and are good since it is a Dil Raju production. Vijay C Kumar provided good visuals. This is a rare film where the village sceneries were more visually arresting than the locales in America. The editor did a brilliant job except for small jerks here and there and it dragged climax part.
Fidaa movie review : Analysis :
Both are in love, but with misunderstandings. This is not really a fresh line. Sekhar Kammula provided a new treatment to this line. He built very strong characterizations, which are still natural but not cinematic. Every boy understands the pain of Varun, every girl looks herself in Bhanumati and every father gets connected to Bhanumati’s father. The characters don’t act, they behave. Bhanumati has a strong and striking reason to reject Varun and Varun is immersed into emotions so deeply that we feel for him. Even in the atmosphere of emotions, the film is funny. It makes you fall in love with the characters, cry for their pain and laugh at their joy. Fidaa is a well made honest love story, in brief. Read patel sir review
Fidaa movie review : Plus Points: 
* Bhanumati’s character
* Casting and performances
* Kammula’s honest story telling
* Natural emotions
* Music

Fidaa movie review : Minus Points

* Does not impress mass audience
* Bit dragged in the end
Brief Note:
Fall Fidaa on Fidaa
Rating :

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