Faculty Interview with Dr.M Kiranmai maam,HOD, Bharat engineering college

Faculty interview :

Name  :-             Dr. M Kiranmai

Qualification: -M.Pharm,phd, DIM, head of the department , R&D I/C , Bharat institute of technology.

Experience:- 13 years of teaching,

10 years of research experience.

Faculty interview

Q.The reason for a profession?

A.I am interested in health care profession, but TEACHING is my passion…..!

Q .Why did you choose the specialization in pharmaceutical chemistry and not in other subjects?

A.Generally, people have chemistry phobia. I took it as a challenge and today I am successful. This makes me proud of myself…….!

Q.Do you pay attention to each student?

A. Yes. Of course. My subject demands individuals attention. I always try to treat students based on individuality.

Q.Do each student pay attention to you?

A.firstly it doesn’t depend on the student to pay attention, it depends on one’s ability to grasp attention when faculty has subject stuff&  appropriate pedagogy then surely every student in a class pays attention.

Faculty interviewFaculty interview

Q.do you talk about students in the staff room?

A.Yes! Because  I believe that students are the core part of education system .so I always appreciate their skills and strengths in front of my colleagues.

Q.how do you correct papers? Does students performance in the class influence it?

A.while correcting papers, I never prefer to see either their names or roll numbers. They have all the rights to get the proportional result for what they have written on answer scripts. Some may not be active in class but they perform well in exams.

Q.May I know your opinion on current youth! Do they believe in hard work or shortcuts?

A.Yes! Present day youth are inclined towards shortcuts …! but few with exceptions….!at the same time they are smart enough. It’s the duty of parents and teachers to teach them where hard work can play a vital role and there are no shortcuts for success.

Q.Do you give real life experiences to your students to get clarity?

A.Yes. I strongly believe in exemplifying the concepts with real life experiences as it is one of the best teaching methods to grab the attention of even last bench students.

Q.what makes you come to class every day?

A.Me to class, structure, it’s structure, continuous performance, zeal towards teaching and ethical responsibility is the force which drives me to the class.

Q.how do you feel when a student comes and meets you after years?

A.A great pleasure, satisfaction ….!this makes me feel prod when my students as doctors,

entrepreneurs, professionals come and meet me .this happiness can only be achieved in this profession…

Faculty interview

Q.Do you encourage students to bunk classes if yes/no why?

A.Never ! No, because my professional is meant to teach moral and ethical values to students. Even as a student I never bunked classes.


Q.Do movies like tare Zameen par motivate you?

A.Yes .I have learned few things from tare Zameen  par. It has supported a principle of treating every student based on their psychology (or) individuality.

Q.Do you think there must be a change in present education system teaching style?

A. Yes, Little changes are required. Students have to be convinced with the methodology otherwise, learning will be limited to exams, not for inculcation in their life. By introducing new pedagogical methods we can bring this change.


Q.Is correction system right/action must be taken?

A.Yes, corrections have to be done by expert subject faculty. One single mistake or ignorance may ruin students carried and faith an education system.

Q.University sets up a pass percentage but to get jobs companies’ sets up a limit of above 60% .is this ratio right?

A.a good question ….! Here I can give you an example participating in an event is different from reaching the target(magical marks).it depends upon one’s hidden talent .usually in interviews, they check your skills. Getting good marks is also a hidden talent which depends on your presentation in exams….

Q.What is your opinion about ELYUXEN?

A.Excellent I say… it is a good platform for students to know their hidden talents .students get very less chance to discover their hidden talents.Great work students keep this up …may god bless you. Read more Faculty interviews

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Bharat institute of technology.

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