If we think of solar eclipse, thing that strikes our mind is the moon appearing  to slide across the sun, taking about an hour to obscure it almost completely.Solar eclipses don’t just turn the lights out – they also make the wind slow down and change direction. Sometimes an eclipse could lower temperatures within this shadow by as much as 5 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). But scientists couldn’t confirm anecdotal reports of these changes in wind speed and direction linked to the astronomical events. Though solar eclipses were noticed ages ago, its mysterious effects remained in dark from 3 centuries.


A pioneering English astronomer, Edmund Halley – of Halley’s Comet fame – noted the ‘Chill and Damp which attended the Darkness’ of an eclipse in 1715, causing ‘some sense of Horror’ among the spectators. This was named as “ ECLIPSE WIND”  by Halley.Meteorologists at the University of Reading found the answer with help from an army of 4,500 citizen scientists around the UK, who took part in the National Eclipse Weather Experiment during the partial eclipse on 20 March 2015. To unfold these wind swings further experiments were conducted by Professor Giles Harrison and Professor Suzanne Gray and examined the results from Met Office surface weather stations and a network of roadside weather sensors that monitor highway conditions. Well! The studies suggested that those horrifying winds are because of a phenomenon called Boundary effect which is explained like this- As the Sun disappears behind the Moon, the ground suddenly cools, just like at sunset. This means warm air stops rising from the ground, causing a drop in wind speed and a shift in its direction, as the slowing of the air by Earth’s surface changes. Though many theories came out, this Boundary Effect finally convinced scientists across the world.

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