Eating Pani Puri can Boost your Mood and other health benefits

Pani puri is the most popular street food available all over India which is often the king of Indian Street food.Originated from the Magadh region of  Bihar where it is also known as phoolki. Pani Puri is a source of high fat calories, which is deep fried in oil, is one unhealthy thing about this dish. This is not a food of high satiety value; you generally tend to overeat, without realizing you may end up consuming 1,000 calories and still not feel full! Apply as student News reporter from your college.

There’s something about them that feels magical as if they know that they’re going to take you to another world. Loved by the young and appreciated by the old as well, pani puri continues to bring a smile on millions of faces.One of the major reasons to love Pani puri is it’s tangy, spicy and at the same time sweet taste. The blend of these various flavors gives it a magical twisted taste and you just can’t have enough of these little devils. The best part is that you can specify how sweet, sour or spicy your paani puri should be. Facebook

No one can say no to pani puri

Vitamins and Minerals

One serving of pani puris, you consume about 100 calories and has 1 milligram of iron or 5 percent of an 18-milligram DV. Iron is essential for keeping your blood oxygenated. You also consume trace amounts of magnesium, manganese, potassium, folate, zinc and vitamins A, B-6, B-12, C and D with every serving of pani puris.Also, It can boost your mood if you take in high-fat foods because they often raise dopamine in your brain which is a motivation hormone to help you want something. Wanting more food is wanting something so your mood can be lifted eating Paani Puri. Although it is claimed that, Paani Puri can cure mouth Ulcers but it is yet to be proved. Pay later with Paytm

It may be delicious, but the roadside snack, paani puri, contains a cocktail of bacteria and fungus which made pani puri one of the most dangerous food in India. Researchers of the Community Medicine Department of Gandhi Medical College have released a study titled A cross-sectional study on microbiological quality of street food in Hyderabad, especially on Paani Puri.


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