Domino’s Goes Vegan this Navratri

Domino’s  : Dwindling sales have Domino’s  Pizza turning vegetarian. Yes, it’s true. Domino’s  is all set to serve Sabu dana crispies – no garlic, no onion – for nine days this Navratri season.
Around 500 Domino’s  outlets across North and Central India will go vegan, starting 1 October. This is perhaps the first time that a western-style quick service restaurant (QSR) is adapting a Navratri menu on such a large scale.Even as politicians fight it out over the beef issue, India’s largest pizza delivery chain has spread out a fully vegetarian menu across 164, out of its existing 921 restaurants in 209 cities in the country, this Navratri.

The move is expected to draw more customers to its pizza outlets during a period which conventionally sees slow sales in certain regions due to fasting and dietary restrictions.

Domino's Navratri
This is the first time that Domino’s  Pizza, or any other major pizza chain, has rolled out such an initiative nationally.
Earlier, Domino’s Pizza had experimented with vegetarian-only restaurants locally here for some time. “We got the good response from our customers who thanked us for protecting their religious sentiments. So, this time around we decided to roll out the veg-only plan nationally, mainly Gujarat and Maharashtra where Navratri is celebrated with gusto.”
If this is done on the basis of religion, then how about Dominos turning all nonveg on Eid? Sarcasm intended.

Author: Sneha Balasubramanian

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