Darshakudu review, Darshakudu is Yet another hit from Sukumar writings?

Sukumar produced another student’s directorial debut Darshakudu.Darshakudu never carried hype.Darshakudu review. Darshakudu rating. Facebook Twitter Instagram
Jakka Hariprasad is one of the senior members of Sukumar camp. He even worked as a screenplay writer for 100% love. After reintroducing his student Palnati Surya Pratap (Kumari 21F director), Sukumar produced another student’s directorial debut Darshakudu. Nakshatram review, Nakshatram movie is the terrible thing to watch
What is it about?
Mahesh (Ashok Bandreddi) dreams to be a filmmaker and lives to live the dream one day. He can cover miles to do that. He can be manipulative and even selfish for that. After a long struggle, he manages to narrate a good love story to a producer. The producer likes the story mostly with only one complaint against the love track in the story. He wants Mahesh to make it better.Gautam Nanda Review || Gautam Nanda is good point with bad taking
Mahesh doesn’t feel what he has to feel to complete the story. He needs to experience love to work on the love track. He then finds a girl Namrata (Eesha) and attracts her towards him. When Namrata realizes that Mahesh has been with her only to use the moments between them in his story. He is just an observant writer cum director whose intention is to use her for the story. What happens next? You should know in theaters.Fidaa movie review : Fidaa is a well made honest love story by Shekar kammula
Artists and Performances :
Ashok Bandreddi is alright on looks wise for the role. Yeah, you don’t expect someone with Mahesh Babu’s looks to be a filmmaker right? But more than his looks, what mattered is his performance. Unfortunately, he looked very much uncomfortable on screen. In other words, he is an amateur. There was no flow in his expressions. Another side, being a Telugu girl with the couple of films on her back, Eesha was natural to watch. She has got an ease in dialogue delivery. Her natural look is really a good attribute physically. Other characters were mostly played by new faces and unnoticeable names.Patel Sir is patience tester and Predictable story || Patel Sir review
Technical Talk :
Praveen Anumolu’s cinematography is good as we expect with a film coming from Sukumar’s camp. Few frames were beautifully shot. Kumari 21F has a chartbuster album. Songs contributed so much to the openings it has got. Here, Sai Karthik’s music is a flop show. Neither the album nor the re recording is worth mentioning. Editing is clumsy. Production values are good for the size of the film.Shamantakamani is trend setter of multistarrer movies in tollywood || Shamantakamani review
Analysis :
For many and obvious reasons, Darshakudu never carried hype although it’s the second product from Sukumar Writings, which delivered a sounding blockbuster like Kumari 21F. Although many still had a belief on the reputation of Sukumar, the genius disappoints this time with a predictable affair. Darshakudu only had a couple of moments here and there. It was never going on point in a direction which would lead to some excitement. Hero has a manipulative brain, a typical Sukumar character but very much pale. Got to say, someone with good acting abilities would have made it look more convincing. Adding to that, the director failed to bring the laughter from a potential plot line. He might not a be a good student of Sukumar, we feel. Ninnu Kori is a matured love story || Ninnu kori review || Student movie reviews
Darshakudu review Plus Points : 
* Theme
* Couple of good scenes
Darshakudu review Minus Points :
* Predictable narration
* Unexciting taking
* Music

Darshakudu review Brief Note :

Rating :

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