Clinton Declared Winner Of The First US Presidential Debate

After the first United States Presidential Debate, it was Hilary Clinton who turned down the chances of her rival, Donald Trump. A new poll of voters who watched the debate ended up favoring 62% of their vote opinions to their democratic ruler, Hilary Clinton over the republican rival Donald Trump. Well, that was the overall percent preferences on the debate. But if gone deep on the topics like, foreign policy, on the economy and the dealings with terrorism. Hilary Clinton, who was questioned by her rival several times on “stamina”, took a turn on with this debate that resulted from 56% of the vote opinions favoring her side, while the 39% retained their faith on Donald Trump. 53% of the present voters felt her be sincere towards the debate. Clinton’s performance in the debate also hiked some of the higher-risk currencies with the Mexican peso, Canadian dollar, and Australian dollar. On the whole it more than of the poll favoring Clinton over Trump. On the overall comparison, Clinton’s chances of winning the November 8th election seems to be positive.

Author: Varsha Vinnakota

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