Chan-Zuckerberg initiative have finally planned to invest ‘$3 billion’

Chan-Zuckerberg initiative :: After the embarkment of the Chan- Mark Zuckerberg and wife Dr. Chan Initiative, which promised as much as $45 billion on philanthropy, the couple has finally channelized their investment which included investing in educational startups and more recently on Science for curing ailments.This couple has proven to the world that they have left no stone unturned for providing a better life to the next generation. Dr. Priscilla Chan (co-founder of the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative) on Wednesday at San Francisco,announced the organization’s generous investment in Science for curing, preventing and managing every plausible disease which aims to be accomplished by 2100. The duo also highlighted that the basic intention was to alleviate suffering to the maximum extent and provide the coming generation a lifetime of good health. The Couple has dedicated enormous time talking to scientist across the world and eventually come up with Cori Bargmann, an American Neurobiologist by Profession, who they chose as the New president of Chan-Zuckerberg Science to help them realize their vision. In her speech Chan mentioned that Bargmann’s new job would be” to build out strategies and partner with Academia, biotech, and engineering”.  Dr. Bargmann,being a researcher herself says she is extremely glad to have got this opportunity and is excited about working with the best scientific minds and able to make scientific advancements.

Chan-Zuckerberg initiative

Chan – Mark Zuckerberg initiative invests 3 billion dollars on science for curing diseases.

According to the couple, the two key ideologies that have been considered as the backbone Chan-Zuckerberg Sci ence is to initially bring the scientists and engineers to work together and secondly giving them resources to build tools that can empower the scientific discoveries which are more importantly available to every scientist everywhere. In order to establish this, the organization has decided to collaborate with the premier research universities namely, Stanford, University of California- Berkeley,University OfCalifornia San Francisco.

Cori-Bargmann has been appointed as their new president for the Chan-Zuckerberg Science initiative

An amount of $ 600 million has been dedicated to this medical science research Centre called the BIOHUB which envisions the advancements in the science that help to cure and treat diseases. This project would be led by Joseph Derisi(Professor and chairman of the department of Biochemistry and Biophysics –University of California) ,Stephan Quake and Lee Otterson.

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