ABVP calls for bandh tomorrow to support CBIT college students protest against fee hike

The Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has called for a bandh of all engineering colleges tomorrow I.e 8th December 2017 in protest against fee hike in CBIT college and other Osmania affiliated colleges. Work with us as student news reporter from your college

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT college) is undoubtedly one of the top colleges in Hyderabad region be it for highest placement rate, Beat in city fest, hype in movies and many more. Students of CBIT college worked in all ways to lift the college to top position. But on Wednesday Over 1,000 engineering students of CBIT college staged a protest at the college campus after students were told that they will have to pay an additional amount of `1.72 lakh towards fee by December 15. The protest call by the II year students of the college spilled out on to the streets and led to traffic blocks which were cleared only after an intervention from the Narsingi police. Paytm Pay later, Digital credit to Paytm users up to 20,000 paytm cash

While students alleged that they were arm-twisted into signing an undertaking that stated that they would have to pay an additional fee if and when the High Court gives a judgement, they were caught unawares when the management doled out the circular for payment of `5,000 in addition to the annual fee of `1.13 lakh for both I and II year students. Hyderabad Newspaper

One of the students from CBIT college said,”They just hiked the fees up to 2lacs per annum without prior notice during admission and very smarty got us a bond paper signed before appearing for semester exams”.

The Telangana Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee meanwhile have called the actions of the CBIT management “illegal”. A senior official of the regulatory body said that since a counter-appeal has already been filed by them, the college cannot levy the additional fee.“The college has said that it had agreed to fix the fee at `1.13 lakh under duress. In our counter, we have asked them to prove what duress they were put under. In any case, unless notified by the government, the college cannot raise the fee,” the official said. It may be recalled that in June 2016, the college went to the TAFRC with a plea to hike fee on grounds that the current fee does not cover their expenses.

When the proposal was rejected, it then approached the High Court seeking permission to levy `2,59,867 as fee payable yearly.  In the absence of a response from the TAFRC, the education department or the Telangana State Council of Higher Education, the HC on October 30, 2017, said that the colleges “may charge `2 lakh”. It was only later the TAFRC filed a counter, but by then CBIT had started telling the I and II year students that they will have to cough up the amount.

“The college does annual admissions worth `20 crore. And nearly 50 percent of its faculty is paid a net monthly salary of `30,000. Then they say that they don’t have money to meet the expenditure. This is nothing but a farce,” said Ramakrishna Reddy, president of Lecturers Association.    He also questioned the rationale behind the 100 percent fee hike. “Its nothing but the greed of the new management,” the teacher said.

When we spoke with principal Ravinder, “We have used 100% of college fee for the development of the college. We have increased the fee only after the instructions. We will decide on fee hike on 9th in our general body meeting. The Exams which were postponed due to students strike will be rescheduled again after the meeting. We request CBIT college students to stay calm and support the management”.

Author: Elyuxen

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