Call for the Interview of IIM admissions will start from February last week

IIM admissions: Admission to the two year MBA programmes in IIMs is on merit, based on a rigorous selection process comprising of Group Discussions, Written Ability Test, Personal Interview and scores in the Common Admission Test which is commonly known as CAT. CAT is a management aptitude test conducted by the IIMs primarily to evaluate and shortlist candidates for the IIM admissions. It is a computer-based exam available for eager and eligible candidates to register and take once a year. Counselling for minorities to be held soon in Hyderabad.

The CAT results that enable more than 199,000 candidates to seek admission in IIM’s were declared on Monday. 20 candidates have scored an overall 100 percentile in CAT 2017.“While in CAT 2016 all the top 20 candidates were male and engineers, this year the top 20 list contains two female candidates and three non-engineers,” said IIM Lucknow, the coordinating IIM for CAT 2017, in an e-mail.

Now the candidates are waiting for the interview to IIM admissions. IIM Lucknow has released an email notification about interviews to candidates who cleared CAT exam that interviews will be held in the month of February March and April.  Follow us on facebook for more updates.

How to Prepare for IIM admissions Interview:

A. Interview Prep

The key to interview prep is, to be honest, and to be prepared to handle a variety of questions. Almost all questions can be broadly grouped into the below categories.

  1. Mathematics and logic
    This is an extension of the written examination. You certainly wouldn’t be asked questions pertaining to Stochastic Calculus or higher order differential equations. But the interviewers certainly expect you to have a basic logical inclination towards problem understanding and solving. Most of the time, they will not be interested in you giving them the final answer; rather they would expect and appreciate a systematic answer detailing your approach and methodology.
  2. Related to your undergrad stream/work-ex
    There will be a whole bunch of questions pertaining to your core courses at undergrad (in case of freshers) and/or work-ex. Remember to be thorough with at least 2-3 subjects of your choice.
  3. Questions based on your application
    Every word written on your application should be familiar to you. I remember being asked about the books I have read, their plots, my view on the story etc. If you have mentioned that you can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes, expect them to ask you about your technique, the logic behind it, the different techniques other people use, and in extreme cases, to solve one at the moment. To read more click here

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