Cancer in India hits more women but men died more.

India: Cancer has female sex hormone estrogen which protects  young women against cardiovascular diseases, is responsible for  battle with  cancers.  It increases the chances of disease, and also increases her chances of survival, doctors say . The World Health Organisation-developed a tool called  Globocan 2012 reveals that Big C has affected  more Indian women than men, said the World Cancer Report 2014.Sraddha, A Three Day National youth Festival at Ramakrishna Math


It also mentioned more men died due to cancer  than women,
Doctors say women are taking more  medical attention in their lifespan, and they themselves are allowing them to spread it in early age.

How many in number were effected:

Total Number of  cases were found to be 10.14Lakh, where effected were 4.77 lakh among men and 5.37 Lakh among women.Overall mortality rate is 6.82Lakh ,Where 3.56L were men and 3.26 were women.Follow us on facebook

The top Five:

Top 5 cancers among men are Lip/oral cavity,Lung,Stomach, colo rectum,oesophagus.

Top 5 cancers among indian women are Breast,Cervix uteri,colorectum,ovary,stomach.

The ICME found the total number of new cancer cases to be around 14.5 Lakh which is likely to Increase by end of this decade.As per  the ICMR  projection India is likely to have over 17.3Lakh.New cases of cancer and over 8.8 Lakh deaths due to the disease by 2020 and top among the list were cancers of breast,lung, and cervix topping the list.

Comparative figures:

In india, 5.37 lakh women are effected in 2012 as against 4.77 lakh men, said the World Cancer Report. But 75% of men hae shown less life expectancy, while the mortality rate of cancer in women is 60%. Also  3.56 lakh men died of the disease in comparison to 3.26 lakh women in 2012

Both sexes almost had all cancers, breast cancer seem to be  highest at 1,44,937, while the cervix uteri is the second most one with 1,22,844 cases. The third one is of the lip and oral cavity with 53,842 men affected.

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