Downpour leaves busy Hyderabad roads in rack and ruin

A late but an active monsoon in Hyderabad has made the city come to a halt in numerous times. Continuous downpour in Hyderabad is causing severe traffic snarls across the city making the evenings a nightmare and leaving people hapless and stranded on roads for hours. The bumper to bumper traffic faced by the people of Hyderabad is not the only worriment caused to the people but also the waterlogging and manhole issues.

With the rise in the number of people losing their lives to open and unattended manholes and potholes has got these manholes the name of “ THE KILLER MANHOLES”. Several locals poured out their woes on the pathetic state of affairs in their respective wards saying municipal workers were behaving in an irresponsive manner whenever they made a complaint.heavy-rains-1


There are hundreds of ‘killer’ manholes in almost every municipal ward across the city that call for immediate attention. If we compare ourselves with a city like Mumbai where it pours cats and dogs, yet water recedes as fast as it comes there !! Then a constant question arises in the mind of everyone living in Hyderabad why cannot we have such a system here too.

Author: Vigya Pandey

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