BTech students called off rally and bandh ,ready for press meet

JNTUH BTech students Protest: It’s no new buzz that is heard within the Btech students of JNTUH affiliated colleges around the state. This buzz is no good one, it reaches peaks every time when the results are out. This time it took even worse heights. JNTUH is a university in which offers and controls all B.Tech, pharmacy,, MBA courses. 191 Technical colleges, 71 Pharmacy colleges, 18 MBA and PG colleges are under the roof of Jntuh. There has been a lot of hum about the decreasing value of Engineering, Yes, in a sight that is true, considering this into account in the year 2014 til now TS govt, Private colleges association, NAAC, JNTUH have been conducting inspections in the affiliated colleges for the infrastructure. But this is enough now, with its superiority in the state, the governing body is losing trust and respect amongst its students and parents around.

On Feb-7-2017, were results for the std 4-1, 3-1 which happened in the Nov 2016 were out. It was not all satisfactory for the students. Everyone was confident about their results, but the results were totally contrary to the student’s expectations. A student who never applied for a supplementary exam now has 2-3 fail subjects in his/her result sheet. This either might be because of standardless evaluation or mistake while uploading the marks. What so ever, it’s the student who has to suffer at the end of the day.

BTech students called for an open press meet, instead of Protest Rally, JNTUH Bandh on 15th and boycott of classes on 27th and 28th.Elyuxen team will arrange press meet for students to raise their voice infront of National and state Electronic, Print media, next week.Student community heads, authorities and students will lead the press meet only if the issues is not resolved within a week.

The Elyuxen team also thanks, student community heads for calling off rally and boycott of classes from 15th.Details of open press meet will be announced soon if the issue is not resolved.

Well-known colleges in Hyderabad, MGIT, KMIT have broken out, raised their voice against the Governing body to stop this money business and not to play with students Life. They have protested in their college premises and the management is in talks with the university officials according to them.

Students point is clear, that the governing body is losing standards and are turning education into a way of making money and should be stopped. For this, some individuals on Facebook and twitter have called for a rally, but that’s not the right thing to do, let’s spread the voice peacefully until the Govt gets the issue. But not to get into politics and ruin the bright career. Our TS govt is a friendly Govt that will help the one in need. So let’s all be patient and hope the govt to handle it. Read about KMIT and MGIT protest here.

IT minister KTR sir SM team responds to students tweet and took the issue to the notice of Education minister.

BTech students

Note: This protest/Pressmeet is not against JNTUH or JNTUH education system.We, students of JNTUH love to be part of JNTUH university. But we only request university to make some changes for better student life.

BTech students

Author: Abhilash Goud


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