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Top Brands to choose this week.Brands Style collections fashion statement.Zara Calvin Klein FOREVER 21 GAS Mango ONLY All About you by Deepika Padukone.Apply as student news reporter from your college Facebook

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”
Fashion, which changes rapidly, can be a success or a failure by people’s choice. Just that most people choose a particular style, you don’t have to choose that too to make a cool statement as “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” Get to know your inner style and sense of fashion to be that “chic”. Now, being a chic is all about being comfortable with what you wear, being poised, pampering yourself and getting out your sense of fashion within you because “Fashion is something which comes within you.” So, girls check out these sophisticated brands with classy and comfy collections.

ZARA: Most of the girls go gaga for their collections’ as their style of designing is casual yet classy and gives a great look once wore. Those cozy pastel casuals are definite to go for.
Calvin Klein: They give us the most elegant casuals and formals. Their dresses make you go Aww! Having to go on a date any soon or have to make a statement at your work place, then just pick one of them.

MANGO: Their collections can give you a high-end look with comfy touch. Those monochrome designs are to die for.
ONLY: Those funky and down town looks are every girl’s favorite. Be that party diva with their outfits. If you are a college going girl then them your obvious choice.

GAS: Gas should be your choice if you are a fan of those denim looks. Their denim is so comfortable and stretchy which gives your leg a sophisticated touch.

All About you by Deepika Padukone: If you are a fan of Indie fusions and classy Indie looks then don’t have a second option just buy. Deepika gets out her own sense of fashion and presents you with these classic yet modern collections.

FOREVER 21: At times being basic and simple is much needed. Just grab those basics collection from their store and get relaxed. Make a statement with simple, stable yet sexy basic tanks and crops.

Since you’re done, what are you waiting for? Go grab those which belong to you before anyone else does.

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