Bone regeneration Technology developed by IIT Researchers.

INDIA: IIT Guwahati Research team creates Bone regeneration Technology, where the new research enables faster bone regeneration. It has been developed by researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. The scaffold seeded with stem cells was found to differentiate bone cells, which facilitate the growth of blood vessels and the newly formed bone cells are successfully Integrated with the native bone present in the body. Recycling machines for Hyderabad Public soon.

The success of Bone regeneration Technology:

The researchers experimented their research on rabbits using functionalized silk composite. Rabbits were implanted with scaffold where the rabbits bone was damaged and the result was unbelievable and the actual bone was regenerated in 3 months. Follow us on Facebook.

Gradual Research:

Prof. Biman Mandal from the Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering made a silk composite by adding chopped silk fiber to liquid silk, The professor believed silk composite has greater strength and also use of bioglass adds extra strength to the silk composite.

Besides other kinds, both mulberry and non-mulberry silk composites were tested in the lab. The non-mulberry silk composite showed better results. The non-mulberry silk helps in better cell attachment due to which, more stem cells get attached to the composite where it forms better bone tissue.

Professor Mandal’s contribution:

“The main challenge is to strengthen the composite, the minerals from the bioglass gets deposited on the composite make is as tougher as a bone. Bone cells prefer rough surfaces and the scaffold reforms the native bone surface architecture” says, Professor Mandal.

“The mulberry silk composite degrades and gets desorbed by the body at a faster rate than the non-mulberry silk. The rate of silk composite degradation should match the rate of new tissue formation else the bone that forms will tend to be weaker. The non-mulberry silk material will be replaced completely in a few years. Since bone healing is slow, the silk material should not degrade quickly.The results from rabbit are very productive. We will undertake trials on larger animals such as sheep and goat later” professor Mandal added.

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