Bharat engineering college students protesting for their rights

Bharat engineering college : Not all the rules are meant to be followed. The rules which you think are out of the saturation point and are meant to be changed to make the place a better place to be at, there’s nothing wrong in protesting against them and getting them changed. The same incident took place in the premises of Bharat Institute of Engineering and Technology where the students who were forced to follow the irritating rules and regulations set up by the faculty held a protest against such rules.


Bharat engineering college :The rules that were asked to be changed were:

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1. The Bharat engineering college students were not allowed into the college for half of the day and were forced to wait outside the college gate for half-a-day even if they were late for 5 minutes after 9:20
2. The Bharat engineering college students were asked for their id cards and the calls to their parents were made if de were found eating near the canteen after 5-10 minutes of end of the respective intervals or lunch break. Very strict actions were being taken in case anyone was found outside the premises. Students were not allowed to leave the college premises before 4pm wherein the sceduled time of the classes being only 3:10 and if tried to do so, the same actions were taken against them.

3. The rude behavior of the faculty with the students reached above the saturation points.
4. Not only these, many other rules were the reason why protests were held.
Around 500 students from all the department held the silent protest outside the campus entrance upto 12:30 and were then addressed by the chairman of the Bharat group of institutions and the issues were put infront of him. The action is yet to be taken on the rules. Read more

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