Best moments in engineering college life which you can relate with your bestie

Best moments in engineering college life.Engineering college life.There are a lot of memories from engineering college life.Engineering college.Bestie ## Apply as student News reporter From your college Like us on Facebook

As an engineer, there is a lot that you have enjoyed in your engineering college life along with your friends.There are a lot of memories from engineering college life. We would like to share few incidents which you can relate and check if the same happened with your engineering classmates.

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We enjoy all other time in our college except the weeks in which exams are held and we seriously do engineering college life. Staying away from guardians does provide a lot of freedom.  Hanging out with friends in the campus, sleeping in class, giving proxies, mass bunks, taking computer games seriously, in fact very seriously, watching movies through out the day, waking up at noon, we even started watching soap operas, life here is completely different.

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Here we proudly say that we have not taken a bath for 7  or 10 days and the best part is students who have led a disciplined life throughout now begin feeling ashamed. We don’t know what we are doing is right or not but we are loving it.

Some of the best moments here are:-

  • Whatever the syllabus may be preparation starts a night before the exam

Engineering college life

  • The day starts at 10-11 AM!
  • Sundays are actually Sleepdays!
  • Birthdays are the real fun to celebrate and exercise with your hands and legs (The louder the cry, the better it feels!)

Engineering college life

  • Classes are meant to recover the sleepless nights
  • Classes start filling from the rear end!
  • You act like a hero when you have a girl around you!
  • You become a celebrity and your demand rises exponentially after coming from VIVA!
  • The deeper is the friendship, the more is the frequency of M and B words!!
  • Bunking the classes and hanging around colleges
  • Competing who will give more proxy attendance

Engineering college life

  • Proving your answer to be correct no matter what the question or the situation is
  • Industrial visits are picnic days
  • The Internet is used for everything but for studying
  • Finally Getting Placed

Engineering college life

Engineering college life is fun but also the first step towards success

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Being an engineer is not a degree, it is a self-factor of PRIDE and HONOUR #Happy Engineers Day

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