BBC Tweets about Hyderabad’s world-classness.  

World’s best-known broadcaster BBC Tweeted a video on Indias best city Hyderabad and projected factors on why Tech Giants choose Hyderabad over Bangalore In Asia.

Hyderabad: BBC Recently tweeted a two minute video quoting “A tale of two Indian tech cities” where the video started saying Hyderabad –Asia’s Silicon Valley, Then the video projects an ambulance and its services which were being looked after a startup called Stan said stanplus dispatches Injured victims to hospitals more quicker than the current Public system, It also mentioned why it choose Hyderabad as its startup initiative over Bangalore out focusing  Bangalore’s status as Indian silicon valley. T-Shirt Baba is the new age digital printing startup from Hyderabad.

BBC Explains Hyderabad potential over Bangalore:

Displaying the start-ups effort in ambulance services It also conveys Stan plus CEO Antonie person’s  Words “we had many benefits from Hyderabad being a small company, Ecosystem is vibrant and very dynamic, and also there is government support, ease of doing business, in fact, bureaucracy has been  reduced and there is lot of support for very early stage startups” he said. BBC said that Gridlock traffic and inadequate infrastructure are affecting the quality of life in Bangalore and due to above reasons they choose Hyderabad over Bangalore.

It also said Hyderabad has been recognized as Indias Best city In terms of quality of Living for the three years in a row 2015-2016-2017 and Bangalore was ranked third in 2017. Follow us on Facebook.

Appreciation for Telangana Government:

BBC Said Hyderabad’s local government is going all out by funding tech incubators and academic partnerships.Later in the video  T-Hub chief officer Srinivas Kollipara said “we have grown T-Hub with a plan in place,we have grown it in such a way that everything is integrated and building through hitting each other’s milestones, and its a fact that we had governments support,its been done in a programmatic manner and people here are willing to really help each other out and that’s the difference between us and Bangalore”

Hyderabad is a global city that ranks the worlds most Influential cities in the future which puts Hyderabad above Bangalore, though Bangalore may still have more deals and tech entrepreneurs, Hyderabad is narrowing the gap concludes the video.

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